Ass from the Past: Naughty Nick and FratBoi Rob Ryder

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

One of the smaller studios producing Male-Male spanking and corporal punishment videos is Tropixxx. Although they don’t always offer weekly updates with new videos, their archives have some very tasty spanking vids to enjoy.

And Tropixxx, like many of the best sites, allows members to download and save their favorite red-assed videos for repeated viewing pleasure. Two excellent videos from the past year caught my eye, and I wanted to review them for you — Nick spanked in the garage, and frat-boi Rob Ryder pledge-spanked with the fearsome paddle.

tropixxx male spanking

BTW, Rob is a porn star in his own right, and his appearance in a spank video with this website was something he wanted to do — and certainly what I like to see!

nickSo, let’s begin with Nick, who just turned 18 when his video was shot, back in July of 2012. Nick is a typical teenager, not taking his responsibilities to heart.

He is rooming with some friends, and was told to clean up and organize the garage where he has his sports stuff laying around, and he promptly forgot/ignored his agreement to do that chore.

He is taken to task by his housemate, who scolds and lectures him about responsibility and taking the consequences of his actions. I’m sure that we’d all like to see more young guys dealt with this way!

Nick is dressed typically, in long shorts, runners, and a hoodie, and his reactions are typical as well – that look of wariness and of resignation to the inevitable punishment that is about to happen. His housemate lectures him and then decides to administer the spanking with an appropriate implement, the blade of a hockey stick.

nick spanked bare ass on tropixxx

The business end of hockey sticks are nicely suited to punishment purposes, and once the handle is cut down, the taped blade (for reinforcement) is an ideal paddle – especially since the boy about to be paddled ignored the directions to clean up his sporting equipment.

It doesn’t take long for the spanker to realize that Nick isn’t feeling too much spanking force with his shorts on, and the lad is ordered to stand up, drop ’em to bare his cute bubblebutt, and resume the position for more discipline.

tropixxx spanking

The use of a second cam insert shot to see Nick’s face is great, and we get a good view both top and bottom, of how this 18 year old is enduring a painful tush-trouncing with that taped blade.

nick tropixxx spankNick takes his punishment rather well, but it is obvious that his butt is in pain. This is a reality scene, and one might easily imagine a real big bro or other person of authority meting out a well-deserved spanking to a lazy young guy who needs motivation to do his share of household chores.

Nick’s round bottom gets redder by the spank, until his disciplinarian decides that the boy has learned his lesson sufficiently for the day. The lad is told to stay there for a while, contemplating his spanking, sore butt, and the reason for it all.

Nick demonstrates that he has learned at least some of the lesson in obedience, as he dutifully remains in position for a few moments. His well-spanked ass is like a glowing beacon of butt-beating.

The bad boi gets up soon, and follows through like all boys do, with rubbing his cherry red rump mounds. Rubbing won’t ease much of the sting, and our young, punished Nick quickly pulls up his shorts, tightens his belt, and walks off at the end of this Tropixxx video. Let’s hope he remembers to come back soon and complete the clean up he was assigned to perform.

 *  *  *

Now, let’s turn our spanko pervy attention to a young guy who is already well known for appearing in porn videos, Rob Ryder. Rob has appeared in several dozen different productions for various studios, demonstrating his large endowment up front, and a cute and very spankable rear end.

Rob Ryder gay porn star

He did several spank vids for Tropixxx, and this one in particular was very enjoyable, as he assumes the role of a fratboi being disciplined by his big bro. Real fraternities “officially” don’t indulge in hazing or physical discipline of pledges, but private one-on-one sessions off campus are still common, and are sometimes used to enforce discipline in the bonding of young men.

Rob’s Pledgemaster has called him out for using the sauna, a facility not open to pledges. Rob is enjoying himself taking the heat, and very shortly will experience heat to his seat – as the Pledgemaster administers the time-honoured method of pledge training, with the official frat paddle.

That paddle looks fearsome, and in the hands of an experienced pledge trainer it can really burn and blister a guy’s butt cheeks. Just ask me, I know what it felt like back in the day when I was a fratboi pledge and took my licks!

Rob is confronted by the Pledgemaster, who is assuming personal responsibility for Rob’s training and discipline – and boy does he ever come down hard on the discipline! Rob is led by the ear, bad-little-boy style, over to the workout machine and told to grab the top bar while kneeling on the padded bench.

rob ryder spanked

The padding is easy on his knees, but that paddle is murder on his ass, even through that thick towel that Rob has wrapped around him. Speaking of the towel, well it won’t be there for much longer. In this vid like others, the Director at Tropixxx takes the time to use a second cam for reaction shots, and Rob’s face is priceless as the paddle lands hard.

His grimace of pain each time he takes a paddle swat, is all that we need to see in order to appreciate that this cute and hot-looking model is really submitting to serious corporal punishment. Nothing faked here, it’s about as real as a spanking can get!

rob ryder spanked

Rob behaves as all traditional pledges do, and recites that time-honoured phrase, “Thank you Sir, may I please have another?” after each stinging lick of the paddle. That paddle is nothing to sneeze at either, being of thick hardwood that impacts a guy’s ass with blistering agony every time it lands.

rob ryderHis request is dutifully honoured by the Pledgemaster, as Rob continues to bear up under the swats.

Very shortly, our spanked fratboi is obliged to bear up by baring it all, as the towel is whipped off and he takes the rest of his licks across a well-muscled set of butt cheeks.

The view of a young man undergoing hard discipline, kneeling on the workout bench with his arms upraised and stretched is very fetching, and is bound to offer enjoyment to serious spanko dudes like me, and like you too – so no lyin’ or denyin’ guys!

Rob is very well put together, and his rump roasting is a good part of an essential workout that all young men should endure. The Pledgemaster obviously knows his job, and administers the paddle licks with deliberate slow aim, so that each impact of hardwood on boybutt is maximized. Rob sure is taking a licking, and like those old Timex watches, he keeps on ticking, er, responding.

rob ryder fratboiWe can see from his reactions that Rob is really feeling the burn, but to an athletically-oriented dude it’s almost the same as a hard workout.

Of course, this workout focuses on toning up the glutes, not the abs, pecs or lats!

Rob groans and gasps through the last few swats, and his pain is visible – as are the blisters on his ass.

For those who might not know, when you see a guy’s butt turn white on the paddled areas, those are blisters forming. Sitting down is going to be tough on Rob for a while, and this spanking is DEFinitely gonna leave a mark, or two, or several.

As Rob’s punishment draws to a close, he is informed that he must return for more swats later on. I sure hope he gets some soothing lotion rubbed into his cheeks before the next round!

I’d have volunteered to be the official lotion-rubbed-into-Rob applicator, if this had been closer to my location. Why not perv over to this location,, and check out more of Rob’s scenes, as well as some other very well-spanked young men.

Buns away!

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