An Interview with Chase Young

chase young helix studios gay porn star

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

So yeah, was watching some of the videos available in the archives of SpankThis, and my pervy eyeballs keep returning to a model who is totally spankable and a great looking young guy as well.

Chase Young is one of the best known current models appearing in videos from SpankThis, as well as other more revealing videos from Helix – the big daddy of SpankThis.

TJ Wood spanks Chase Young

To give him his props, Chase Young is one of the stars of Helix’s award-winning video, “The Cage.” Check it out, as it was named best porn video of the year, according to Cybersocket.  In addition, Chase has graced the screen and shown us how much of a spanko he can be, in a number of red-assed productions. So let’s ask him a few questions based on those hot shoots.

First off Chase, thanks for taking the time to share a bit with your viewers. How did you get started as a model in the adult entertainment biz?

It’s pretty simple — people always told me I had a good ass and dick, and that I should try porn. A guy I dated for a while was doing porn for Southern Strokes, and that spiked my interest even more. Eventually after I turned 18 I started to chat with Pierre Fitch and when he motivated me to try it, there was nothing stopping me.

jeff sterne spanks chase young

Is being spanked something new for you, or have you had an ongoing interest in this fun kink for a while?

Ever since my first b/f I have been into spanking. He would slap my ass while fucking me or vice versa and I loved the sound and warm sensation.

One of the interesting decisions you make as a model, is wearing either a jockstrap or cut out briefs that show off your well-built derriere. How did you come to that costume choice?

Well I realized that my ass filled out underwear in the way most younger guys can’t, so I started only wearing assless undies on cam, and then it became a everyday thing.

chase young helix studios

Now let’s talk about some of the spank videos you’ve appeared in at SpankThis. One of my favs is the 4 schoolboys being spanked by Jeff Sterne and TJ Wood, which was a live presentation last May. All four guys look hot, but your buns have that extra luscious look. What was that live shoot like to do?

It was very fun to shoot, as it usually is when working with TJ and/or Jeff. They really know how to bring a fun atmosphere to the shoot.

Who spanks harder – Sterne or Wood?

I have to say TJ Wood spanks the hardest, BUT with that being said I enjoy Jeff Sterne’s spanking a bit more. He has this way about him and his spanking that can get you rock hard in one slap.

chase young helix spanking

Speaking of TJ Wood, in that live presentation from Helix, you started off as the centerpiece model, bent over that large red stool, with TJ Wood applying hand spanks to your butt. As I recall, there was a challenge out there and you didn’t appear to mind the spanks. Was that a bit of acting or do you actually have a higher tolerance for spanking than do other models?

Two things: I have a high pain tolerance, and my ass (as big as it is) is actually all muscle. That gives me much more cushion for the blow.

One of the other notable productions was you being spanked in the cage by the “Devil,” aptly portrayed by Jeff Sterne. Tell us a bit about that production, and what your experiences were like?

It was very fun playing that role. It was one I had never thought of doing and jumped on the chance to do it. Jeff was also very enthusiastic about it too making it even more fun. I think my favorite part is when he spanked my hole. Hmmmm…

paddling chase young helixChase, you are well put together physically, and as most successful models do, you take care of your body.

How do you come by your most impressive assets – your very well-rounded butt — is that just good genes, or do you have a special workout routine to keep your hiney in top shape?

I used to be over weight, and when I was 15 I took to the gym and ran everyday (Even on Christmas) and do yoga. All of a sudden I started to grow an ass and it’s been growing ever since. LOL

So what is on the books for Chase Young in 2013 – more spankings maybe?

chase young jockstrapI probably shouldn’t give away any surprises but I will say you should watch Helix Studios very closely for some new hot action! Thank you so much for the interview.

It was my pleasure, Chase; and thank you for taking some time out of a busy schedule to chat.

So my spanko friends, to see more of that award-winning set of buttcheeks in various tempting scenes, slap your keyboard (it’s naughty anyway and needs discipline!) over to SpankThis and type Chase Young in the search field………….and settle back to enjoy some primo spankfest material. BUNZ AWAY!

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