Frat Boi Paddle Spank

gay frat spank

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2 Responses to Frat Boi Paddle Spank

  1. anonymous says:

    In my view when one gets the Paddle used in the process of a Spankingand or a Licklin it serves the purpose like nothing else.It also sends a very strong message that there will be little or no mercy given when it comes to punishment as it relates to the use of The Paddle.I believe Paddle is the mostbfeared of all instruments that could be used in the process of corporal punishmentIf spankees had a choice of what they were going to be Spanked by few would choose the Paddle if there was a choice .But we know very well that choice is made by The Spanker and sometimes by circumstances beyond one control It is worth stating that any punishment where The Paddle is used is a severe one as it should be .It also is worthy to mention that when one gets The Paddle across his Hide in the Bare Skin to Skin the sound ofPaddle going acoss one s Hide is like nothing else In addition the result would have the same result

  2. mjldoc says:

    Fraternity paddling has , is, and always shall be supposedly “STRAIGHT” college guys experimenting with their own homo-erotic impulses, casually dismissed as “male-bonding”!!

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