Ass from the Past: A Brat Spanking Classic


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Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Taken from an expression in German, a brat is part of the term for sausage. Bratwurst is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork or beef. The name is derived from Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, which is finely chopped meat and Wurst, or sausage.

Though the brat in bratwurst described the way the sausages are made, nowadays tropixxx redGermans associate it with the German verb “braten,” which means to pan fry or roast. Bratwurst is usually grilled or pan fried, and sometimes cooked in broth or beer.

Sounds totally yummy but we’re dealing with another kind of brat in this blog.

Brat has also, over the decades, come to mean a spoiled and misbehaving young person, and this classic domestic discipline video from the archives at Tropixxx, is all about how a stern, traditionally-minded, old-fashioned uncle deals with a bratty young man.

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Jason thinks that life is just a joke, and he is smirking self-consciously as Uncle scolds him for leading a rambunctious and lazy life, and not paying attention to schoolwork.

It may be old-fashioned for a family member to chide a young guy about getting decent marks, but without some kind of education, Jason is not going to go very far in life.

His biggest problem, is staying out late nights, and hangin’ out with unsavoury characters. Uncle is determined to spank those bad habits out of his nephew.

After a dozen or so smacks across the seat of his jeans and then his undies, those grey shorts come down to reveal a small but very spankable set of mounds.

tropixxx spanking Jason is still grinning as though this is all a big joke, and I’ll bet we’ve all seen or met a few young guyz like him.

Uncle is relentless, although soft spoken, and he doesn’t allow Jason’s flailing legs to get in the way of this good old fashion rump roasting.

Jason must have had spankings from Uncle previously, and no doubt is trying his best not to break down, but his grin does get somewhat lopsided and looks almost as though he might shed a tear or three….

Those big, tough hands of Uncle hold him in place and chastise his young butt. Young the lad may be, but a boy is never too young or too old for some heat to his seat, by way of correcting bad habits.

His cute, bare buns beaten and blazing red, Jason is still trying to act spunky and deny that his ass hurts, or to even say Sorry Uncle I won’t do it again. Feisty lad though he is, Jason finally gives it up and when Uncle finishes smacking those young cheeks, the lad does look as though he feels the burn.

tropixxx jason spanked otk

His promise of better behaviour sounds just a mite hollow, and surely Uncle with be watchfully waiting to see if his errant nephew begins to tow the line or if more spanks are warranted.

This is one of the most realistic spankings you might see on the Internet. No bondage or restraint (although I love viewing those activities!), and no hot-looking jocks who bare it and bend over in the locker room.

And this is a young lad barely over 18 who needs strong discipline to correct his bad habits, and who gets his hiney well-handled by a loving but very strict Uncle. We should all be so lucky in our youth to have an Uncle who spanks us when needed. So grab your tablet or manhandle your mobile, and head over to Tropixxx and check out the archives for this and many other hot spankings.

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