Spotlight on Man’s Hand Films: Disturbing the Peace

Written by Chuck, Reporter at Large

This is a wonderful retro-styled video production, starring Sam Diego as the naughty bad boi, shot in the summer of 2012 — and created by one of the oldest and most respected spanking production houses, Man’s Hand Films —  playing now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis for instant viewing access.

Man’s Hand Films make a great addition to any good spank video collection. This particular episode is one of the most sought out…….

You’ll note the retro appearance of the scene, and especially those skin-tight blue jeans that our spankable young man is wearing. Wish those jeans made a comeback, they were SO much fun to spank as they highlighted the buns beneath them!

The video begins with Officer Paul Morrison of the Police Dept. being sent to attend a small apartment complex where one resident is playing exceptionally loud and annoying music, disturbing all the other tenants in the building and even nearby.

mans hand films gay spanking 2

Officer Morrison warns the offender that he must lower the volume on his stereo to comply with noise abatement regulations.

Apparently, the young guy does not take this seriously enough, and soon has the volume turned way up. Officer Morrison is again dispatched to the scene to deal with the offender. However, the law enforcement side of the job sometimes takes on different aspects.

manshandfilms male spank

The officer raps loudly on the door of the bad boy’s apartment with his nightstick, and when the lad quickly turns the music off and opens the door, he is confronted by Officer Morrison who has decided to take matters into his own hands………..erm………that is he takes the young lad’s skin-fitting jeans butt under his strong hand of justice.

Spankings on tight clothing tend to hurt even more than on the bare butt, and we can see the young offender wincing, writhing and trying to block the spanks with his hand. Officer Morrison is wise to these tricks and eventually cuffs the lad’s wrists as he takes down those jeans and undies to reveal an already-crimson set of butt cheeks.

Man's Hand Films male spanking films

More spanks are applied and our young offender is not as happy about his loud music playing. Perhaps now the neighbours will get a bit of piece of mind; and we expect that they won’t object to the loud crack/smack sound of an authoritative hand of justice as it lands on young, bare tush cheeks.

The lad does get a very thorough spanking, right from the top of his butt cleavage (da crack) down to the sit spot. He won’t be sitting down too well for a little while, and perhaps this will motivate him to take up other pursuits, instead of loud and objectionable music.

Grab a piece of the action at Man’s Hand Films, and enjoy all their retro spanking productions.

See this film instantly, and more Man’s Hand films, at Helix Studio’s SpankThis.

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