Trey Gets Reluctantly and Truly Tanned

gay male spanking

Bad boi Trey, pictured above, with his jeans and undies in a useless tangle at his ankles, gets a hot OTK hairbrushing via Rich’s seasoned hand of discipline on ReluctantYoungMen.

Written by Chuck, Senior Writer

Rich’s studio, Reluctant Young Men, is known for good looking guys who agree to take spankings in return for an honorarium. Paid professional models they are not, so the spankings you see are always real, not staged, and it’s obvious that the boyz feel every lick and swat.

This current offering from RYM is interesting, all the more so because Trey – the young amateur spankee – really dislikes getting his buns blazed.

Although he sorta/kinda wanted to earn the money, he had to be strongly persuaded and convinced to take the spanking you’ll see online. Trey is almost 19, cute as anything and shy. Rich apparently had to do a lot of convincing to get Trey OTK.

We can sure see how nervous Trey is, he can hardly speak of spankings and tells us that his boyfriend teases him with the occasional swat and he doesn’t like that. Rich takes his time and slowly handspanks the lad, working up to a more intense punishment scene. Rich is good at putting his boyz at ease, even though he is blistering their butts. Trey winces as Rich increases the force of his spanks across those cute tartan boxers. He sheds his jeans and Rich continues to warm up the young man’s rump, still in his shorts.

rym spanked

The shorts come down shortly, and Rich remarks at what the camera sees – a cute ass with nice trim butt cheeks just starting to pink up from the hand spanks that Rich has applied. With bare hand smacking bare boibutt, Rich goes easy on this lad just about to turn 19. Trey isn’t liking this very much, but is tolerant as Rich delivers a pre-birthday spanking to the lad.

Trey gets up and is told to pass Rich the hairbrush, although our experienced host and spankmaster continues to apply harder and harder swats with his powerful right hand. Trey is wincing now and reacting to the mounting sting in his trim, young tush.

rym gay male spanking

Rich has done a marvelous job of reddening and toning up Trey’s butt, and the lad admits that it hurts. Now, the brush begins its work in Rich’s capable hand. He pauses frequently to let Trey catch his breath and deal with the stinging intensity of the hairbrush. Just ask any boy, whether a spank model or just a guy being spanked, if the hairbrush isn’t one of the most painful punishments a guy might endure!

Rich compliments Trey on the shape and cuteness of his ass, all the while trouncing that tush with the hairbrush. Veterans of spankings will note that the brush is not being laid on extra hard, but it still produces a sharp smacking sound and strong reactions from Trey – the boy whose butt is taking the licking.

Newbie spankers and spankees should take note of this video from RYM, since it is delivered in a very easygoing style and is not as severe as some spankings on this site. The hairbrush is a very serious implement and can leave massive bruises and butt welts if overdone; but Rich is a Master at this craft and holds back some of the force to tailor the spanking to this bad boi.

rym gay male spanking

This video wraps up with Trey taking another birthday spanking, this time with the brush. He counts out the 19 swats and one for good luck, and manages to get thru the ordeal while watching the camera as instructed.

We see a very nice view of two cute ass cheeks, well-spanked and crimson red over their surface. I can almost feel the heat radiating from Trey’s spanked bottom

Our view of Trey closes with Rich standing the boy up to do some time facing the wall, with those rosy rump humps lighting up the scene. Newbies and veterans alike will enjoy this presentation of a young, shy lad who is introduced to corporal punishment.

Jock spanked with the hairbrush otk

Don’t miss the opportunity, and zoom over to ReluctantYoungMen now — just pretend that I am chasing you with a hairbrush in hand. . .

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