Interview with Adult Blogger Dewayne: A Quest for Quality Porn

Dewayne in San Diego

Dewayne in San Diego

Interview by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Dewayne in San Diego is one of many ‘brothers in art’ who review adult entertainment sites and the videos offered therein. His experience covers the gamut of twink and jock porn as well as spanking (my fav topic of course!) and related M-M adult material.

Now it is a foregone conclusion, that reviewers like Dewayne and yours truly are writing from our personal perspectives as well as trying to deliver a fair evaluation and description of any given video production that we observe. Some reviewers are more critical, and will evaluate the videography, sound, lighting, type of model, the set, etc.

Others offer their description of the action, and how the video excites them (or not) as a guide to others who might wish to download or subscribe. So let’s find out about Dewayne….

dewayne in san diego website

Dewayne, thanks so much for taking time out of a busy schedule to chat with me. Let’s dive right in at the beginning, and ask you to self-describe…..who is Dewayne in San Diego?

First I am a natural Porn Fan and critic. I might never have become a porn blogger if not for my surreal experience involving the public controversy that surrounded Twink Pornstar Brent Corrigan and what we later called The Cobra Wars.

Short story I started my blog now known as DeWayne in San Diego to provide commentary and news surrounding the murder of Twink Video producer Bryan Kocis in January 2007 and the growing online speculation concerning his biggest star Brent Corrigan.

You could write a whole BOOK on that subject and someone did just that:  The Cobra Killer written by Peter A. Conway and Andrew Stoner. The book illuminates my small role in the whole controversy. And is of course must reading about the biggest scandal in Gay Porn over the last decade.

As the year progressed other bloggers took up the criminal case (in the death of Bryan Kocis) and I started to direct my blog in a more adult direction. I had always been interested in porn and pornstars and realized I had an outlet and a built in audience of Brent Corrigan Twink fans. Also Brents then Boyfriend Producer Grant Roy encouraged me to become a porn blogger. (I was known as a verbose commenter on Brents own blogs and damn opinionated)

hmm did I say short story?

Gay porn reviewer Dewayne

Dewayne, Cody Catchet and Keith Miller

How did you get started in reviewing and critical commenting on adult entertainment?

Long before blogs were on the public radar I can remember standing around with other customers at The Crypt here in San Diego (my then favorite porn retail store) debating the merits of a recently watched Porn video. This somewhat mirrored my pattern at Tower Video where my love of films (and discussion) snagged me a BF at one point (he was the video store manager) From what you can deduce like many self-described critics the role found me or seduced me!

There are probably many people out there who think that, “Hey, I could say stuff about videos too.” Is there something special that you feel stands out in how you approach writing up a review or commenting on a production?

A true critic is a connoisseur who has likely watched more (porn,film,TV etc) than the average person so that they become more “critical” of mediocrity. The major pitfall with any critic is becoming self-absorbed or believing that your opinion is somehow more valid than another viewer.

Porn is a strange subject to critique because pornography is what we all use to engender a biological and mental release.

A verbose way of saying Jack off! 😉 And how do any of us know what is going to get the porn-summer off? All you need to look at is the thousands of videos on xtube to see how complicated and diverse human sexuality is!

Early on I decided I would write a review about Video or a website as a fan whose opinion is no more or less valid than my readers. And I continue to hold to that guiding agenda today. When I mess up and I have, my readers let me know!

So Dewayne, when did your blog first go public, and how long after that did you create a full website?

March 2007 and by August of 2007 I was fully adult. In the first two years I was on Blogspot then in May 2009 I went fully professional with a domain and blog hosted by my friend Mark Wilson at Great Atlantic Media (Gorgeous Boys, Jet Set Men, Mark Dylan and many more).

Kyle Ross, Dewayne and Max Carter

For those web geeks among us, how much maintenance does a site like yours take… you have to keep it tweaked on a daily basis?

The first two years were tough learning how to blog and maintain a site, then the move to WordPress was a daunting endeavor. Again I was very fortunate to have a man in Mark Wilson who shared freely of his decade plus experience in Adult Entertainment and hosting. Today after nearly 6 years it almost runs itself 😉

Running a review site seems almost a full-time job. Is that so for you?

It was and can be. Seriously I love it and I watch so much porn I find myself forced to post. I might do this everyday or 2 or 3 times a week. Much depends on the output of various studios and my mood. I have 5 plus years of over 3,000 posts so I do not need to post often but I choose to do so.

Inevitably, there are critics of the critics who declare that you (the reviewer) are paid off by the production studios to say only positive things. How do you respond to that type of statement?

All critics face that charge and its a valid argument.

Porn Blogs and Reviewers have never made any secret we survive on porn commissions made on sales thru our blogs. Many Web-users were slow to realize the same thing happens with almost all blogs and websites (CNET, Tech Blogs, Baby Care and Foodie blogs) Most non adult bloggers get a share of Google’s 20 billion dollar ad budget and copious freebies!

My over riding concern is pointing out GOOD Porn if I find something that truly leaves me limp I do not waste my time posting. If a Porn Studio is wretched they do not make it onto my blog period!

Every Studio especially the highly productive ones with multiple updates a week are going to produce a sub-par scene. We used to point this out with Porn DVD’s when you had 4 to 6 scenes per disc there was always one or two you passed on.

Again my readers always feel free to point out my reviewing mistakes!

Turning to where you are located, your site name tells us that you lurk and work in San Diego. Having worked there on a contract myself, some years ago, I am very envious of you, especially during winter months that bring snow and ice and all that stuff to my turf. Is San Diego your home and native city, or did you migrate there? What’s SD like, for those who haven’t yet had the chance to visit?

I am a Navy Brat my dad was based east and west coast, my family is from Oklahoma originally and I spent the first 6 years of my life in Charleston South Carolina. We moved to San Diego when I was 10. I have moved away at times but always come back. Something about this Connecticut sized county and Southern California and its unbelievable geographic diversity always lures me back.

This county has 74 miles of coastline,7000 foot Alpine mountains and the desert. A local Visitors pitch says “Surf in the morning and snowboard in the evening.” (not that I do either).

Andy Kay and Dewayne

Speaking of San Diego, it seems that a goodly number of adult videos are shot in an around the area. Of course we must include Helix/SpankThis as one of the primo producers of great porn in SD. On various Helix models’ tweets and blogs, you show up as part of “the gang.” Forgive our being envious, but how did you manage to connect with all those great-looking boyz?

San Diego is indeed a center of Gay Porn production. Sean Cody, Helix Studios, are the majors with several smaller producers.

You seem to be aware of my secret while I enjoy mainstream gay porn I have always loved the fetish side the Spanking and BDSM genre. While it was never my main focus sexually I always maintained BDSM is the spice of sex what we use to bring out the flavor and enhance our sexuality.

I was attracted to Helix Studios from the very start because not only did Jeff Sterne have some gorgeous Twinks and Jocks in south Florida he also put them over his knee and spanked them! When Jeff moved here from Florida in 2006 I made a point of seeking him out! I met many of the top Helix models over the years and they have been comfortable around me. The important thing is to always treat models with respect not as sex objects. There is a time and place for that ..when watching their porn!

Can you share a bit about what the models are like off-camera and outside the studio?

Normal American teenagers and young adults! I know this must seem shocking! I think all porn models have an exhibitionist streak they use porn as that outlet. I have noticed over the years that porn models are much more conservative sexually than many of their peers!

Most of the best porn models I have known have a basic mid-western or small town background (many from religious family’s).

Helix Studios especially in the past year has worked successfully to foster a porn family relationship with their models. Yes this is a business and models must be able to be professional and do the job. Yet Helix Studios believes Porn should BE FUN to make as well as Watch!

Staying with the topic of Helix and SpankThis, since you are very familiar with their productions, how would you rate them against other male adult studios?

Helix Studios has always been technically proficient even when Keith Miller was shooting most of his own video in South Florida I noticed early on that Mr. Miller was getting the shots and the angles that so many “name” and “award winning” directors repeatedly fucked up.

When Helix moved to San Diego they hired a porn veteran from Sean Cody and while he was certainly professional I noticed something lacking in that period 2009-early 2012. It was hard for me to articulate to Keith what was missing. That “instinctive eye” for the sexy hot moments can be very fleeting when filming porn.

In April 2012 Mr. Miller hired two directors Alex Roman and Casey Roman (yes a couple) with that “sexual and artistic vision” the irony about this they are friends of mine and I was talking them up and their standout Grabby nominated movie Gym Daze to everyone BUT Keith Miller! I thought he was totally satisfied with his crew at Helix!

So how does Helix rate now in porn? Easy call they are in the top 5 of Gay Porn Studios today!

Let me ask a little behind-the-scenes question here: Helix won the coveted BEST PORN VIDEO award from Cybersockets Magazine, topping out over all the other entries with “The Cage.” Being that you are somewhat of an insider, can you share what the feeling was like in the Helix milieu at the announcement of that award?

Total Shock and surprise. We were all standing as a group when that award was called out and it was a tough category to win! Add the prejudice so many in Gay Porn have to Twink Porn plus this was a bareback video! Two big firsts here for a Cybersocket win and not without controversy!

Kyle Ross and Kurt Summers who attended and were in The Cage were ecstatic especially to win with all the older and bigger pornstars at the show.

I think Alex and Casey were the most elated however. The Cage was the first porn they shot at Helix during that turbulent month of April. To be hired and thrown into production and then later win an award for best movie that is a breathtaking accomplishment!

So, let’s touch on your personal preferences as a viewer and reviewer. What specific scenes turn you on the most, and which turn you on the least or not at all?

I have found over the years I have a somewhat unusual broad taste in men, sex and porn which is why I have stubbornly avoided niche play in blogging. I truly love Twinks to sexy dads like Bryan Ockerts at Chaosmen.

I prefer web studio porn videos to download vs DVD’s. My favorite Web Sites are Helix Studios, Sean Cody, Chaosmen, Cocky Boys, Jet Set Men, (Johnny Rapid is a big fav) Boy Crush, VideoBoys, Eurocreme, Staxus and Bel Ami. While I never promote them I am also a semi secret fan of many Treasure Island DVD’s

In the BDS&M niche I am also a frequent member at Troppixxx, Spanking Central, RYM, and have a huge collection of old sites like Mans Hand and Control T.

I think in any porn scene no matter how vanilla it might seem if one model takes charge and is dominant and forceful that will get my interest over mechanical passionless porn any day. I get off on intensity and “real sex”anything fake turns me right off. Probably why genres like Bait Bus and Out in Public or factory porn (you know who they are) are total turnoffs.

There is much discussion and talk generated these days about the return to bareback sex (no condoms) in male/male videos. What is your take on that?

Broke Straight Boys and Collegedudes posted their first Bareback porn this past two weeks and this was my take on that:

“No real surprise to me that this new Collegedudes is bareback, last week parent studio Broke Straight Boys posted their first condom-less scene and the Denver based company explained they really had no choice. With modern “Instant tests” most web porn studios have moved past this tired argument anyways.

The customers have spoken loud and clear on the matter and if US Gay Porn studios continue to “hold out” for condom porn they will be as viable as the straight company’s that produce porn with condoms… Straight Studios that use condoms you ask?

Yes I am well aware there is no such animal, all straight porn is condom free.

So is this particular Collegedudes hotter or better than any scene the last 5 years at Collegedudes?

Not a chance! The intensity and chemistry of the models are the major factor in determining what is hot in porn. Not the condom or lack thereof!”

You might notice I seem tired of the argument and I am. Yet I do not discount others who disagree with me including my friend and webmaster at Great Atlantic who will not post bareback on his own Gorgeous Boys. I personally have moved on from being argumentative about this. Bareback is the new porn reality and if it is ever banned in US porn all they will succeed in doing is destroying US Gay Porn production.

Or moving it underground or on the tube and webcam sites.

Now since our blog deals with spankings, can you share anything about your preferences for spank models and those scenes?

I love the Role Playing in Spanking but I also want intensity and a model who is obviously into this type of scene will hold my interest much more than a guy there to get a check.

I don’t mind some sex at the end (more common at Spank This and on but I can enjoy a strictly spanking or bondage scene with no obvious sex. I am well aware of the old phrase BDS&M is about getting your biggest sexual organ engaged, the brain not the dick. And that is something true spanking fans will always understand. I also have a Private School background so yes spanking and paddling had a very formative impact on my sexuality from an early age!

I prefer Twinks getting spanked because they play the role of schoolboy so well but I can enjoy any age getting spanked as well.

The monthly Jeff Sterne Spanking Socials have introduced a new generation of Helix Models to spanking. One to keep an eye on in 2013 is Max Carter — he has really embraced a dominant role and has demonstrated some great Master ability at our party’s and now on video at Spank This. Also Casey and Alex in production did not have a particular interest in Spanking but have learned to appreciate, embrace it and know how to film this.

So the parties have certainly been instructive all around and will certainly improve Spank This in 2013.


Max Carter gets his spank on, in a recent update from SpankThis

Since you have your eye on many studios, not only spanking but guy/guy action, can you list some of the production houses from whom you expect new stuff in 2013?

Consolidation in Gay Porn. You are going to see more studios merging or collaborating to survive. Reality Porn sites are dead or dying — look for an upswing in Fantasy and scenario driven porn. Thank BDS&M for a lot of this role playing and fantasy are back big time!

The look and physical shape of models is improving! Everyone tells me they have hundreds of models clamoring for scenes!

Porn is getting to be a bit like film and TV. The reason scene pay rates for models in 2012 were half of the 2009 avg was not the economy — it’s the increased acceptance of porn by this generation. So a wider field of models to choose from is a huge plus for porn. I see a lot more Gay Models getting into porn as well, maybe the Gay4Pay percentage will go down (we can hope).

And finally, can you share what readers might see on your site this year……any changes, additions, surprises maybe?

6 years in March 2013 yes I am ready for change. The main blog will be simplified and made as iPad and smartphone friendly as possible. More Tumblr like in feel and giving me the freedom to post they way I do on my Tumblr blog DeWaynes Diversions.

And I want to get back into Interviews I have had a lot of reader input suggesting this. And more than a few models expressing interest. As you are well aware Interviews take time! But they are fun! Thanks Chuck I hope I haven’t bored you Bloggers are not nearly as interesting as porn and pornstars! 😉

Well, a great chat indeed with Dewayne in San Diego, a man in the thick of it reviewing all kinds of entertaining video productions, and speaking up for you the viewer. Thanks Dewayne, and all the best to you this year.

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    What Dewayne doesn’t mention – humbly eschewing such attention, I imagine – is what a true gentleman he is. I have had the pleasure to be at many different social functions with him, and he always is kind, gentle and good-natured. He truly is a connoisseur of porn and spanking, but recognizes that a society’s love for that medium doesn’t make it immoral or evil, but should be embraced as a healthy part of the human experience. We all like sex. A lot of us like kink. Dewayne is a voice of reason that encourages people not to be ashamed of their predilictions, but to celebrate them openly and without fear.

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