Paddle Power

jonathan male gay spanking artwork

Art by Jonathan

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3 Responses to Paddle Power

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yhe clips attached are further proof of the Power of The Feared Paddle In my view of all the instruments that can and are used in Spanking Lickin or whipping the paddle does the job others don’t Therefore if one wants to push those who break The Rulesmy choice of instrument would be Paddle without any doubt

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just like all spankings need to be accomplished in the Bare .All spankings need to take place with the Paddle Tanning & Roasting Hineys.There should be little or no discussion when it comes to this .

  3. Jimbar says:

    In my view the Power of the Paddle outlasts any other instrument Whether the paddle is used for giving punishment or for other situations Frat Entrance ETC .The power of the paddle cannot be denied .When the paddle is used it sends a message like nothing else When it comes toPunishment ( Spanking Licklin and whupping ) my choice would be to use the Paddle .Many may outgrow other instruments however no one out grows the paddle .In addition the sound of the paddle going across one s Hide is a aswesome sound like nothing else .In addition when the Paddle is used on onesHide the result unquestionable is a very Tanned Roasted Hide .In addition most of those who get a taste of The Paddle have memorable experience that is not easily forgotten

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