An Erotic Spanking for Christian Rae

Written by Chuck, Senior Writer

In a previous review, we saw a very kinky Max Carter take on a new image for himself – that of a Dom/Spanker. His sub was a cute boi named Christian Rae who was very submissive, and took his discipline like a pro.

Not to waste any time, the SpankThis crew put Christian together with Jeff Sterne, the Master Spanker himself. Jeff had warned Christian about his behaviour and the warning concluded with the promise of a spanking. Guess who did not heed the warning!!

Christian is quickly taken over Jeff’s knee while laying on the edge of the bed, and Mr. Sterne (true to his name) begins a painful chastisement with his strong right hand. Christian moans and tries to shift away, but to no avail. After some warming up, the jeans come down to leave us viewing a cute round butt in boxer briefs. Christian knows that he will not get off lightly, and Jeff makes certain of that with more hard hand spanks across that cute underwear-wrapped bottom.

The tempo changes noticeably as those shorts come down to present a nicely glowing pink set of ass cheeks, on young master Rae’s derriere. However, Sterne soon notes that his hand is simply not providing sufficient chastisement for the lad. Out comes the belt.

After a suitable time of tush tanning, Mr. Sterne takes some pity on his misbehaving young charge and ends his punishment with a serious warning about further reddening of that boy butt if Christian’s behaviour does not improve. A gentle hug to show that the discipline comes out of concern and not hate, and the spanking has drawn to a close. We will be watching, Christian – as will Jeff Sterne – to ensure that you don’t mess up further.

Perv on over to SpankThis to watch the complete video.

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