Glen’s Endurance Test: New Update from Reluctant Young Men

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Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer

Chuck, aka: C-Bunz, offers up a red-ass review of the latest bun scorching, ass sizzling update from Reluctant Young Men.

Some guys think that they can handle any type of corporal punishment, by being stoic, not reacting to the sting and burn that the implement is imparting to their bare butts, or by zoning out somewhere mentally.

rym1Typically that might work for a light spanking – something that the recipient has taken many times.

But when the impact is ramped up and a spanker puts his arm and wrist into it, a bathbrush can be a very high impact spank tool, that brings a guy to tears, and sets a whole new level of pain and endurance that he must conquer.

So it was with a recent visitor to the studios at ReluctantYoungMen.

Chief RYM tail blazer and site owner Rich gets interested emails from all kinds of men [check out an interview with Rich], and Glen suggested that he was up for whatever spanking Rich might care to offer.

Glen has been active in adult entertainment, some gay-4-pay porn, mostly str8 porn; and he is accustomed to being spanked and dominated by his girlfriend. Well Glen, you ain’t never been spanked hard until Rich gets you over his lap!! Glen found that out, the hard way.


And Rich dominates the boy right from the get go, leading him forcefully by the ear to the classic OTK position, but fully clothed. Even with jeans and shorts on, a hard hand spanking will be felt, and Glen does show that he feels the swats, but is not experiencing any significant discomfort.

That will soon change. Rich stands the lad up and lowers the jeans to his ankles, and begins again to swat Glen’s boxer-wrapped buns. Rich quickly selects a light wooden paddle, with which to sting this young man’s rump. So far, Glen’s expression is like:”so can you spank harder?”. He is in for a shocking and painful surprise, very soon.


Down come the boxers and now we see a classic naughty boy spanking on a pair of butt cheeks already begining to pink up in colour. That wooden paddle, (from an old paddle ball toy) is not a heavy duty punishment implement, but it does sting and certainly contributes to the overall crimson hue that is rapidly becoming the colour of Glen’s ass. Rich stands him up again, and has the lad remove all his clothing. There is something extra special about a young man going over a spanker’s knee when he is completely nude.

Now, the real spanking begins. Rich reaches for his trusty bath brush, and it only takes about 5 good swats across that red rump for Glen to be breathing hard and showing the obvious signs of experiencing a large pain in his ass! Rich continues to chastise the boy, and he spanks harder and faster with the bathbrush, causing Glen to react vocally with gasps, sighs and other verbal indicators that a spanked lad utters.


The camera pans over to a good view of Glen’s well-trounced tush, and there are notable bruises and even a blister or two beginning to form, courtesy of our Master Spanker, Rich at RYM.

Glen is really feeling it now, and is squirming and groaning and probably wishing he had never boasted of being able to “take it no matter how hard”. This boy is gonna have one very sore tail, and will not soon forget this spanking, every time he tries to sit down during the next week or so.

Rich makes the boy count out the last 25 strokes, thanking his spanker in the traditional manner – and it’s a real job for Glen to hang onto his composure as those hard licks impact his already sore and bruised ass.


Finally the spanking is concluded and this lad is sent to the corner to ponder his behaviour. Rich looks a little on the sweaty side, and it’s obvious that disciplining boys is hard work. Someone has to do it, and Rich is an expert. Check him out and see how he spanks Glen into believing that the bathbrush is a weapon of ASS destruction!

Reluctant Young Men is the place, so perv over with me now!

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  1. Alex says:

    Which sites? How do I see them? “Glen has been active in adult entertainment, some gay-4-pay porn, mostly str8 porn”. Thank you!

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