Got Wood? An Interview with TJ Wood: Part Deux!!

TJ Wood Helix gay spanking

We were digging so much the first interview with TJ Wood, that we thought we’d post a Part Deux!  As TJ says below: Spanking is as much a mind trip as a body trip, allowing guys to feel a sense of vulnerability and to get off on the endorphin rush of a tingling ass.”

Interview conducted by Chuck [aka: C-Bunz], Spanking4Men Senior Writer

The legendary tushy tanner TJ Wood, known to us by his character names: Father Wood, Santa Wood, Principal Wood, and himself a character supreme, has shot an array of bun blazin’ and rump roastin’ vids for the long-running M-M twink tanning site SpankThis.

And TJ kindly agreed to our request for a second interview.  [And be sure to check out his fascinating first interview, which was published last summer.]  After all, there is so much to learn that one Q&A just isn’t enough! TJ was gracious and gave us time out of his busy day to answer a few more of our queries….

TJ Wood spanks

Your on screen presence is much more animated and lively than many other spankers. Do you ramp up that outgoing style for the camera?

I don’t have to ramp it up too much as I am an admitted 100% Grade-A ham! I think the characters I play – being primarily authoritarian figures – call for a larger than life performance.

If you’re pissed off enough to spank someone, then it better show, right?

I also think humor is not exclusionary from the world of spanking. I think you can still laugh while you’re getting a hard-on looking at some nice, firm butt cheeks!

How much of TJ is there in the characters you have played on screen, for SpankThis: (Father Wood, Santa, Principal Wood, etc.) – Is TJ really a strict disciplinarian who takes young charges over his knee regularly?

Ha! Wouldn’t I like that?! I don’t have a regular spanking partner right now, but I know plenty of young men who are incredibly deserving. Liz in England still hasn’t gotten back to me on whether or not I should taking Harry to task for that Las Vegas fiasco!

TJ Wood spanking twinks

We’ve learned that you are very talented as an actor on stage. Is this your regular profession?

There are times in my life that I have made my living with my stage work and currently I am very involved in the live theatre scene. Mostly musical theatre, as I love to sing.

The roles are varied with everything from Charlie Brown in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown to Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof to a concert version of Abba’s Mamma Mia! I’ve always enjoyed film work, but there is something about the connection with a live audience that can’t be beat.

Long ago, when SpankThis was still based in Florida, you appeared in a short but cute spank video as a dissatisfied customer in a restaurant, who spanked the waiter for slopping the food around. Have you ever encountered a young man in customer service who you really would have liked to spank due to poor service?

Customer service is the most oxymoronic phrase that exists in our culture right now! Rare is the time I don’t find a service staff member that would probably benefit from a butt warming. My friends know I’m really mad when I tell them “I want to spank that guy so much right now — and I wouldn’t even enjoy it!”

That’s how mad I get when I receive poor or abusive treatment. That said, that was one of my favorite scenes to film. That guy was so horny and such a pain pig, I was tempted to take the butter on the table, smear it across his hole and shove a nice, blunt cucumber up his ass! I think he would’ve loved it.

helix studios twink spanking

If we were to ask you to close your eyes and freely associate anything with the following words, have fun with these:


A perfect butt — pert and perky!


My dick — or anything scathingly said by Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey.


Too many muscles spoil a good boy type, but more men should really be made to appear in public in body builder’s posing straps!


Wasn’t he a character in the Harry Potter books?

What sound or noise do you love to hear?

The sound of skin on skin! I like listening to a bare-handed spanking as the guy’s hand meets his spankee’s butt cheek.

TJ Wood helix studios

If you could script and design your most favourite type of spanking session for video production, what would that look like?

Oh Lord! Don’t get me started! I have a million scenarios running through my head. A lot of people already know of my Robin Hood spanking fantasy with so many different, wonderful pairings in that mythology (Little John/Robin, The Sheriff of Nottingham/Robin, Robin/Will Scarlett etc…etc…).

Superhero spankings are also a fantasy of mine with costumed heros spanking their desrving, young sidekicks. I am a huge fan of group spankings, too. Maybe TJ Wood as “Corporal” Punishment, spanking all the new military recruits?

When away from the cameras and the set, does TJ Wood spank other guys for enjoyment or disciplinary reasons?

I spank a lot of twinks on camera, but in real life, I spank a variety of men, at many different ages. I can’t get into spanking anyone who’s old enough to be my father, but giving swats to guys my age – and even a little older (and certainly younger) is a lot of fun.

helix studios spankthisI also spank a variety of guys with their different sexual orientations. I have had many a straight guy – or a guy who at least identifies as straight – across my knee for disciplinary type spankings.

And I’ve spanked straight guys on film, with their girlfriends urging me on just off-camera.

I have had more than a few guys across my knee who want to recreate that bonding time they had with their dad – where they recognize that the alone time they spent over Dad’s knee was a very important part of their relationship with him.

Some guys “miss” getting spanked and I am happy to oblige!

What sound or noise turns you off?

Anything said by the Republican Party.

Is there any model you’ve spanked on camera whom you felt really deserved a good hard spanking (not just as part of the scene)?

OK – quick story. I can’t name names, but I did arrive on set one time and the production crew asked me a favor. 99% of the Helix models are great, but they had been working with a model all week who had been a real pain in the ass — and not the good kind, if you know what I mean!

They asked me if I could give the guy a very hard spanking to bring him down a peg or two. I let loose with a rather intense ass blazing, but the guy twisted and wiggled like a rag doll in the wind! Still – his butt was bright red by the time I was done!

santa spanking twinks

As someone who is experienced in spanking young men, what advice would you offer to aspiring spankers and spankees?

That they understand that spanking is about scene and sensation. If you get into spanking just to see how hard you can smack a butt or to hurt someone, then you are doing it wrong. Spanking is as much a mind trip as a body trip, allowing guys to feel a sense of vulnerability and to get off on the endorphin rush of a tingling ass.

For the spanker, your fantasy can take you anywhere your mind wants to take you – to that SOB who cut you off on the freeway to paddling the ass of that hot cousin who always wore those bikini underpants. And spanking should always be consensual. Unless it’s Justin Bieber. And he really should be spanked just on principle!

And there you have TJ Wood, spanker extraordinaire, actor, artist, bon vivant and a heck of a nice guy. We all hope that he’ll be able to squeeze in some time in his busy schedule to deal with some needy bare boibutts at SpankThis. Thanks TJ – and break a leg!

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2 Responses to Got Wood? An Interview with TJ Wood: Part Deux!!

  1. Keith says:

    Quote “Liz in England still hasn’t gotten back to me on whether or not I should taking Harry to task for that Las Vegas fiasco!”

    I’m very impressed TJ. At this rate we will all be calling you ‘Sir’ TJ, and not just because you’re a discipline daddy either. I can see you having the ‘Royal Warrant’ with one of those signs over your front door saying “By Royal Appointment. Purveyor of Paddlings.” You might have to become a member of the household with one of those weird medieval titles like “Gentleman Companion of the Back Passage”. You’ll be doing the nation a great service since the boy’s daddy is in another world and granddaddy too old to give him the hiding he needs.

  2. Alan Paul says:

    T.J. Wooed isn’t my usual kind of spanker (he has a beard and moustache) but the interview was great, anyway!

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