OTK Simply Works

william higgins male spanking

Image courtesy of William Higgins.

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3 Responses to OTK Simply Works

  1. anonymous says:

    Iamnot a big fan of OTK spanking but it’s my view that when it comes to having to Spank someone the Spanker needs to only be in charge of the situation he additional needs to be comfortable with the process therefore ifhe likes OTK spankings so be it

  2. Dad says:

    Over the knee is the only way…It’s the way I spank, MY father spanked and my Grandfather spanked…the son firmly grasped around the waist with the left arm. feet and hands off the floor..legs hanging, briefs tightly in place….hairbrush held high….Wham! Over and over in rapid fire….until you start to see the tiny red marks THROUGH the briefs….then the spanking starts in earnest!

    • jimbar says:

      Jimbar in response to Dad —-You may like over the knee spanking however I am not a fan of that techique .I understand that at one time that was the norm but times have changed I believe it is at option of spanker how the punishment is given As far seeing red marks and and his hide thru briefs this would be totally unnecessary as any person receiving a spanking fromme wouldn’t in this situation have any thing on he would be Naked. And his Hide would be on display As far instruments are convened. I prefer the Strap &Paddle In addition in as much dislike OTk my Spankee s would be laid out on a couch -bed r bent over a spanking Horse In this situation it would be awesome spanking no question

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