Nick’s Ass Whippin: Brand New from Tropixxx!!

nick belt strapping tropixxx

Check out Nick’s firm ass get a healthy dose of a doubled-up strap: a good, old-fashioned lickin’, playing now only at Tropixxx!

The producers at Tropixxx have a winner on their hands with their latest ass-sizzling update, featuring  3 simultaneous camera angles(!), starring the flaming hot ass of bad boi Nick, who gets a lengthy strapping over his pants, then undies — then bare ass on his highly spankable rump mounds!  A doubled-up strap does its punishing work: hot-buns style. [Nick has starred on this site before: check out more Nick spanking pix.]

And he’s made to count the strokes toward the end, as his tail reveals, like a gorgeous canvas, the strap’s punishing strokes.  Hot!

nick 1

The punishment starts off over his jeans, as the strap sends its stinging message through his denim…….


nick 2

You just knew his jeans would not stay on for very long. . . .as the belt licks through his undies.


nick 3

Gotta’ love the 3 camera angles in this shoot!   Pants and undies down, Nick gets a sizzling bare ass belt lickin’, undies and jeans in a tangle, revealing hot red cheeks — great work from Tropixxx! 

Check out Nick’s classic belt lickin’, seen from 3 different camera angles, playing right now only at Tropixxx:

male corporal punishment videos


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