[Tropixxx re-posted this video recently, so I thought I’d re-blog this post, originally published last summer.]

From TropixxxVIP’s latest video update…”I’m going to take the last 9 days of your pay..out of your ass!” ……..That has to be one of the best lines of dialogue I’ve heard in a spanking vid.

In this sizzler featuring belt strappings and spanking and bondage, an auto shop owner comes back to the garage to find one of his lazy mechanics, by the name of Rico, guzzling beer, goofing off, and having failed to finish work on a customer’s car. What the hell?! That’s an outrage.

He threatens to fire Rico. And Rico says he needs his job–he’ll do anything. So the garage owner decides to take 9 days of Rico’s paycheck out of his ass, by giving Rico’s backside an old-fahsioned belt licking, among other disciplinary punishments….For starters, yanking down Rico’s pants. Even gagging his mouth, tying his hands up and whipping his ass.

Interestingly, the garage shop owner appears to be wearing two different belts. How convenient is that…..

This is the kind of discipline in the workplace that I’d like to see more of, for sure.

Photos in this post are courtesy of TropixxxVIP

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