Ass from the Past: Farm Boy Discipline

farmboy discipline helixstudios

Exploring the red-ass archives at Helix Studio’s SpankThis, I recently discovered this bun-blazer of a film from 2007 entitled “Farm Boy Discipline,” in which Jeff Sterne lights up the tails of an array of bad boi bunz, including Constantine, Aiden Shay, Aaron Tyler and Dakota.

Helix gay spanking

The setting of what looks like a woodshed or barn makes for a very realistic disciplinary setting for the belt lickin’ and ass whuppin’ that follows….If you dig hot-ass punishment, leather belts being hauled out of belt loops, undies being yanked down, tushy-buns arched up over a bale of hay and more, you will likely dig this movie from Helix’ SpankThis.

helix male spanking

All images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

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