Ass from the Past: Daddy TJ Spanks His Boyz

Classic Daddy-spanking screen-shot below from Helix Studios’ SpankThis starring the amazing TJ Wood, entitled Daddy Spanks His Boyz taken from a compilation film available on the site, called “Misbehaving” — which features 5 different misbehaving bad boyz who receive some corrective measures. . .

helix spanking

This vid is from the early 2000’s and demonstrates some bare ass twink tanning talent to full effect!  Great to see the hairbrush in action!

TJ Wood

What a bad boi needs — a dose of Daddy’s hairbrush over the knee, undies and jeans off. Bare ass all red and hot. Watch the full video instantly at SpankThis.

Visit SpankThis to instantly watch bare ass M-M spanking videos. They also have a massive archive with lots of bare bottom bun blazing films.

helix studios spanking

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One Response to Ass from the Past: Daddy TJ Spanks His Boyz

  1. mjldoc says:

    From what I’ve read, bad boys have been getting their behinds punished since the earliest civilizations on record. The damage is not permanent, BUTT effective—not to mention its universal erotic appeal!!!

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