Guest Blogger Franco Discusses a Classic Cherry-Cheeked Illo

We always love enjoy chatting with the legendary fetish/spanking artist Franco, and getting his insights on his masterful artistry. . .here Franco talks about one of his earlier illos [directly below] and includes some variations he has made.  Same spanker, but 3 different facial reactions on the spankee. [Reader Question: which one do you like the best??]

A classic, iconic OTK illo by Franco, whom this blog editor has dubbed the “Renoir of the Red Ass.”

Written by Franco:

I’ve been drawing spankings since I was about eleven. In those days I drew nothing but F/M…as I got older the appeal of M/M grew with the hair appearing under my arms and my balls.

I got the M/M fever.

I could never leave a drawing alone. This was always true then and now. I drew with lead pencil up till about 2006, which I really got sick of drawing. A real case of burnout. These three images represent how I drew in the very early 2000’s.

You’ll note that the three images are basically the same thing, with some tweaks, or morphs…I can’t help it, as I can look at an image and while the basic construct is the same, because it erotically pleases me…

I can ad or remove elements to give the drawing a different feel to me..I say me, because this is really a selfish effort. An effort that I share, yet, am not erotically capable of doing this from any other stimuli than my own.

It’s very hard to draw what someone desires in details, or too their taste. I can only share my own and hope that others will be able to appreciate.

So here is the same image, but with different reactions from the spankee. . .

Bottoms up!


What a masterwork by Franco–just amazing!

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4 Responses to Guest Blogger Franco Discusses a Classic Cherry-Cheeked Illo

  1. Greg says:

    FRANCO’s drawings are among the VERY best both F/M and M/M. Of the three drawings presented the last black and white one is great with the expression on the spankee’s face. Always enjoy seeing his work and looking forward to some new ones from him very soon..

  2. matt says:

    Franco is the undisputed champion of m/m spanking drawings. All his early OTK drawings are among my favorites ever. I love the big, beefy, round bottoms. And I love how the grown men are always kicking and wriggling like naughty boys. He’s the best. And my favorite version is, by far, the first one. It’s a classic. Thanks, Franco.

  3. Mr. Tushy says:

    🙂 🙂

  4. mjldoc says:

    I’d agree with Greg that the third image is HOT because of the look on the punished boy’s face. On the other (smacking) hand, the second image with the red rear, heat effects glowing, and a faint touch of surprise on the boy’s face brings an element of humor into the scene which was in many of Franco’s earlier works. Reminds me(fondly) of old cartoons when the bad guy always GOT IT IN THE END!!

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