Rump Mounds are Getting Roasted at Punishment Planet

punishment planetIf you haven’t been over to Punishment Planet in a while, it should be worth a visit.  They have some intriguing M-M hot spanking offerings that result in squirming, red hot, wriggling ass melons.   Check out below some exquisite examples from recent blazing hawt updates:

pun planet male ass

A good, old-fashioned whipping.

spank punishment

Embarrassing, to say the least!

punishment planet paddling

That see-thru plexiglass paddle stings like a mofo!


A healthy taste of the ping pong paddle, wriggling over the knee.


That flogger is going to light up his gorgeous rump mounds….sizzling and hottttt.

Surf on over to Punishment Planet for Instant Access to M-M ass whipping, strapping, paddling, spanking and more.

planet red

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