SpankThis Pic of the Week

gay male spanking from helix studios

For instant access to hundreds of undies down bare ass M-M spanking videos visit Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

helix studios

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5 Responses to SpankThis Pic of the Week

  1. anonymous says:

    great clips of spark this Give me the paddle and I will smoke that Hide good

  2. Keith says:

    With a boy holding back the tears it’s time for the paddle, just like the other guys say. It’s only when the paddle breaks the boy’s resistance and brings out the sobbing and pleading that the real lesson can begin.

    • Jim-bar says:

      Jimbar — In any spanking there is always tears this part of the process .I believe that the paddle when used sends a message like no other instrument The sound of the paddle going across the hide is awesome .Hopefully in most cases one learning experience with paddle is sufficent to get the message thru.

  3. mjldoc says:

    A few good solid WHITE hand prints on a RED behind are just an beautiful sight to behold in my view, tears or no! Then break out the heavy weaponry of your choice–paddle or hairbrush!!

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