An Ass Lickin’ for Lee

Dig hawt, raw and blistered jock buns?  Tight ass is bein’ lit up over at Reluctant Young Men — check it out!

reluctant young menAccording to ReclutantYoungMen: “Lee is 27 years old, sexy and straight, and Chic really gives it to him in this week’s update. Chic takes him OTK and, using his powerful hand, warms him up while stripping him down, until his muscular ass is nice and red. Lee tries to act stoic at first but Chic is determined to break him.

“Using a short cane, then a leather paddle, Chic really whips Lee’s ass, and soon the young man is dancing, squirming, twisting, struggling, gasping and whimpering in response to the stinging pain until he’s bruised, striped and dazed.”

Visit Reluctant Young Men to watch this video, and tons more instantly.


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2 Responses to An Ass Lickin’ for Lee

  1. mjldoc says:

    With those bruises on his behind, Lee is definitely going to be a Reluctant Young Man when it comes to trying to sit down–for a while!!

    • anonymous says:

      Be advised it all goes with the territory Sitting down under these circumstances often is not a option In my view if a spanking is given correctly sitting down shouldn’t be possible for a least a few days

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