The Paddle

Tropixxx M-M corporal punishment

Ass blazing pic courtesy of Tropixxx.

tropixxx spanking mm otk

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5 Responses to The Paddle

  1. Keith says:

    Now that’s more like it. A cheeky young lad like Nick is never going to respond to a tickling with a flyswat. If the lad his age has earned an ass blistering then don’t mess around just get out the paddle.

    • Anonymous says:

      anonymous –In reply to Keith we can’t be soft on this young man it just doesn’t work Ifthis young man has earned a good Ass whipping I agree with Keith why mess around with something that doesn’t work I would go immediately to the paddle and give him something he won’t forget and won’t be becoming back a second time I believe we all know how awesome the paddle is especially across bare shin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous– in regard to the paddle it s my view that this instrument is awesome and should always be used in spanking those that need it I believe when the paddle is used on a Spankee it sends a message like nothing else.I believeitshould be used more than it is currently I further believe that paddle should be choice when working with difficult situations where what been tried hasn’t worked .most times when the paddle is applied there is a less of chance for that person to be a repeat offender .I realize that sometimes it takes a while to get the message across however the message the paddle sends is like nothing else and for most part Itis feared by many more than any other instrument

  3. mjldoc says:

    A good paddling worked PERFECTLY on bad boy’s asses in my Texas Catholic high school!! I had a front row seat when our Coach/Biology teacher would bend over a trouble-maker in front of the class and deliver what he called a “genuiiine hair scorcher” to the seat of his skin-tight jeans with a HUGE paddle (holes in it of course)! Isn’t it GREAT that class clowns have the BEST BUTTS?

    Another observation: British boys seem to get some serious marks from bare butt caning, while US boys get the same from paddling. Should these “models” switch places for a contest? Should be REALLY HOT!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous –I would defintelty. Be up for a exchange of Bristish models with Americans it would be more hot .Lets get it done

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