The Office Boy: Art by Franco

male spanking artwork by Franco

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5 Responses to The Office Boy: Art by Franco

  1. not 2 old says:

    Wish that was me getting spanked. Hope the other guy next.

  2. mjldoc says:

    If the boss gets a look at the other guy’s crotch, he WILL be next!!! UNLESS he and the boss have other plans later for the office boy and/or each other….?

  3. Great to see handsome designer stubbled young man with his pants down over the boss’s knee getting his bare bottom smacked ! Noted the handsome older gFantasuy with large erection in HIS pants !

  4. Alan Paul says:

    Always like to see witnesses – especially when they’re enjoying themselves at the other’s discomfort! It’s a great pic (I’ve enlarged it and printed it out) and my congrats to Franco!!

    • Alan Paul says:

      Forgot to say how much I appreciate the spankee being dressed (except for his pants and shorts down) – and the guy watching having an erection!

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