SpankThis Pic of the Week

spankthisImage courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

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3 Responses to SpankThis Pic of the Week

  1. Keith says:

    Dad’s particular about color matches and has a very definite shade of red in mind. That bad boyz backside is going to be blazing before dad’s satisfied.

  2. mjldoc says:

    I propose a poll. Which is the HOTTER image: 1) a RED hand print on a pale freshly spanked ass? OR 2) a WHITE hand print on an already crimson butt? Just curious…

    • Jim-bar says:

      In regard to your poll my choice would be number 2- I think your poll was a good idea. Thanks Let me know if there are any others In addition I have a poll What is the view of giving one the Paddle over Jeans I know what I think and know

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