19 and Spanked

Meet 19-year-old Matt.  Some serious ass getting smoked over at Reluctant Young Men.

As the producers at ReluctantYoungMen describe this fanny-flaming video:  “Matt is a 19 year old dancer for Buff Boyzz Entertainment, with piercing dark eyes, a smooth chest, hairy legs and the cutest bubble butt, and Rich takes him OTK in his boss’s office and spanks him like he was deserves it. Matt is young and scared, he looks like a deer caught in headlights, and Rich loves every bit of it…”

——->Editorial Note: In case you missed it, check out an exclusive interview with more spanking photos with Rich from ReluctantYoungMen.

“He warms him up by hand, until his cute little ass is warm and red and he’s gasping, moaning and hissing. Then he breaks the young man with a bath brush, spanking him until he’s writhing on Rich’s lap, his cock and balls swinging as Matt cries and gasps and whimpers in pain.”

men spanking men

Surf on over and visit Reluctant Young Men to get instant access to tons of M-M spanking & bare ass punishment videos and pix.

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2 Responses to 19 and Spanked

  1. Jim-bar says:

    nineteen and spanked was classic it my view this illustrates clearly the way a spanking should take place Ts pretty clear from the beginning what going to happen so aren’t any surprises either This young man pants at his ankles tell it all

  2. mjldoc says:

    Totally agree!! If more young men got THIS growing up, less would end up in prison!!

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