Stop. Paddle Time.


Ass-sizzling image courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.  Visit the site for access to one of the largest collections of twink spanking vids and pix on the Interwebz. 🙂

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4 Responses to Stop. Paddle Time.

  1. mjldoc says:

    Nice swat! Hard to use a paddle in that position, but he should be able to sizzle those hot twink sit-spots!

    • Anonymous Fo says:

      Anonymous -In regard to Mjldoc comment About it s hard to use the paddle in that position it also somewhat dangerous to do sonIn my view the Paddle is awesome instrument that smokes.Hides like nothing else.However the person swinging the paddle needs tobe a skilled spanker to insure that all goes well and nobody gets hurt.I am a not a fan of OTk to begin with but when the Psddle is used that techique is not the proper one. It’s a poor risk to use the paddle that wayI believe when one is going to use the Paddle on one s Hide he needs to put across a spanking bench or he lays it all out on vouch or bed.Most spanker s who use the paddle on a regular basis know this

  2. Jim-bar says:

    Jimbar — When it comes to the various instruments that are used when spanking those who need it it s my view that the paddle is awesome to be used across one s Bare Hide I agree with the statement thatOTK is a difficult position in which to use the paddle with full force .However it is used there is a message that goes with it .I also believe that when spanking someone the position the Spankee gets into is vital to the actual process for reason I prefer a spanking bench One word of caution when the paddle is used to punish it s essential for one who is swing it to know what he is doing otherwise the risk is greater that someone could get hurt in a way that isn’t mean to be

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my view. To be on the safe side the paddle should never be used OTK Using the paddle this way creates to many risks for both the spanker and spankee. There are many other positions they should be utilized when the paddle is being used .This doesn’t in my view take away from the fact that the Paddle is awesome instrument .I believe in use of paddle but needs to be used by those who are skilled in its use .

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