Can’t I Just Get a Time-Out?

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2 Responses to Can’t I Just Get a Time-Out?

  1. Anonymous Fo says:

    In my view the time for getting time out for poor and reckless behavior is now over I believe it s time to Smoke This Young man Hide until it changes colors So that he has something to remember although not big with words when a Severe. Punishment is warranted I do believe he should know that talking and Time out won’t be part of his future Therefore he should know that If his behavior warrants it he can and would get another whipping I believe that in some cases one session of corporal punishment off is enough so would expect this young man to have a repeat performance some time soon The session he was just given is only the beginning of what he has coming to him in the future .

  2. Jimbar says:

    it s my belief that a Technique of Time Out is only useful with real young children With older children and adults it just doesn’t work and in my view a waste of time .I believe in progressive Discipline which basically means 1) a Brief. Discussion the first time the behavior is unacceptable 2) If there is a second offense there would be a definite and strong warning that the behavior wouldn’t be tolerated 3) If poor behavior continued there would be no question on what was to happen .It would be corporal punishment with a Leather Strap or perhaps a paddle depending on what the offense was and what the attitude was Basically it would be a introduction to corporal punishment .It would be a middle of the road Spanking )Ass whipping but one that leave a everlasting impression .I would think that the spankee in this situation wouldn’t be sitting or walking very comfort manner for at least. A few days This spanking would be given across a Bare Hide and the result wouldn’t be pretty

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