Franco’s Spankables

Fetish artist Franco kindly sent along some tasty “spankables” to share with you all — dear readers: which one would you spank first and how/why???  Please leave a comment! thank you 🙂

male ass 1




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4 Responses to Franco’s Spankables

  1. Alan Paul says:

    It’s hard to choose – all of them are so good. Trust Franco! I’d love to smack them all – with ALL my implements – the doubled over strap. the single strap, the hole paddles, the complete paddles (including the ping pong paddle) the tawses, the hairbrush and bath brush, the flogger (with leather barbs), and the wooden stick. If I really had to choose, I guess it would be number 3, with the doubled-over strap…!

  2. Christopher says:

    I select the first one with the backpack. The second lad wearing the jockstrap is a very close second and a mighty tempting target as well. I chose the backpack boy because I can imagine him coming home from school where he got into trouble, but thinks he got away with it. Little does he know that a school Administrator called his father and explained the annoying, immature behavior to him. He walks into the front door and heads to the kitchen to grab a snack. There at the kitchen table sits his father with a wooden spoon in his hand. Dad says, “You want to act like a little brat at school then you will be treated like a little brat at home. Now, get over my knee. Let’s get this done before your younger brother and sister get home. Also, we will do this again tomorrow morning after your mom takes your brother and sister to school. I want to make sure that in the morning you will have a fresh, stinging reminder of the consequences re: negative reports about school conduct.” Junior gets settled across Dad’s lap. Dad raises the wooden spoon up over his head and sets to beat on Junior’s rear end like a heavy metal drummer performing at a sold out concert.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it s a hard choice but I would spank number one first .The reason is he is returning from school where he has been suspended for poor behavior I would paddle his Hide Bare of course until it was completely discolored and blistered .I would give him a spanking for every day he was suspended The second day of the suspension he would get the strap for about 15 mins On the third day he would get a servere hand spanking OTk for about the same amount of time

  4. mjldoc says:

    Difficult choice since all have beautiful male butts- Franco’s special passion as is many of our’s! #1 gives us a reason–he’s a BAD school boy! #4 is a tease revealing only a portion of the the prize! #2 really gets me going because that perfect ass is up, his back arched, just ASKING for it–too eager? Picture #3 shows a young Patrick Swaze type innocently rubbing his rear end–clueless. THAT gets my vote for thorough spanking and paddling until “Dirty Dancing” as well sitting down are BOTH out of the question!!

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