SpankThis Photo of the Week

I know I’ve posted this before, but, what the heck… of my favest over the knee images from the masterminds at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.


Visit SpankThis for more info, and access to their huge archive of red-ass spank action.

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2 Responses to SpankThis Photo of the Week

  1. anonymous says:

    Based on the clips it looks to me that this was a Classic spanking .I love the position the Spankee was in to get his hide tanned.He also looked like he had very Hot Hiney

  2. mjldoc says:

    Arched back, man’s hand aimed AND perfectly shaped for his ass as nature intended, RED in the face and butt (at BOTH ENDS!!), this is and has been the classic pose of bad boys getting what they NEED dating back to at least ancient Roman carvings!

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