OTK Action for Misbehaving Nick

All photos courtesy of Tropixxx.

nick bw

The forever naughty Nick is back on Tropixxx with a nicely done over-the-knee spank vid.   You can also watch the action from a side angle and also from a secondary angle.

Starting over jeans [check out a blog post on this topic with more pix!], then undies, then bare ass, one can only hope Nick will need many more red-ass reminders, via hand, paddle and strap.

[Speaking of bad boyz named Nick, check out another Nick who gets his tail lit up….]

nick over the knee———>For more M-M bare ass spanking, visit Tropixxx.

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4 Responses to OTK Action for Misbehaving Nick

  1. anonymous says:

    the clips were great of Nick The positions he is in are even better There is little doubt that this young man got his Hide tanned In regard to the clips as stated previously they all were great however the best one in my view was the first one with his shorts at his ankles and his Bare Hide on display

  2. Alan Paul says:

    I love the photos of the second Nick. All three are exceptional. They show his face as well as his butt.

    • Jim bar says:

      I too appreciate the clips of bad boy Nick It s pretty obvious what is or will be occurring I especially like clip 2& 3 It should be noted that in clip 3 his pants are at his ankles as they should be .The only thing better would be a clip of Nick completely Naked I agree that clips are better than good but don’t feel any of the clips show Nick Hide this would be only missing part

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