gay male spankingImage courtesy of SpankThis.

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4 Responses to Classic.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would think that there was little doubt that the young man in the Clip shown was going to. Get his Hide Tanned There was not much led to the imagination either as far position and instrument being used was concerned .Yes it was to be a Classic Ass whipping In addition there was to be very Hot Hiney and Sore one at that .One thing for sure it illustrates how awesome the paddle in hand can be

  2. mjldoc says:

    Nice smack to his sit-spots! Got to be careful not to hit the family jewels, but still redden his entire BRAT ASS to a nice deep crimson!

    • Anonymous says:

      I like your comment however you didn’t indicate what instrument you would tan this young man hide with I think a paddle would be the thing to use perhaps fifteen shots at minimum .What do think Let me know

      • mjldoc says:

        At least 10 additional but CAREFUL paddle swats to his sit spots are OK, but add 20 or so to the “safer” areas of his upper butt as well. That way it’ll feel like SANDPAPER every time he tries to sit, pull up his underwear, or lie on his back (to pleasure himself?) for DAYS!!

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