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3 Responses to Spankable

  1. anonymous says:

    Based. On the clip shown it would appear to me that the young man in clip was ready and waiting for something .I would think he was waiting for the Ass whipping he was to receive .He appeared very relaxed considering his fate I would think he would be receiving the tanning of his lifeHopefully this will serve as a learning experience

  2. Jim bar says:

    Based on the clip of this young man he appears to be very SpankAble .I would think he is ready and waiting I say lets give him what he is waiting for and that is a good Spanking Why should we wait and what are we waiting for .Do it now .

  3. mjldoc says:

    AGREED!! He ‘s asking for an epic ass-whuppin’ that’ll leave him too “saddle-sore” to even TRY to sit on a horse for days!!

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