Smoking, Stinging and Sizzling: Remastered

Can a smoking hot ass stop someone from smoking? Please let me know your thoughts! Red-ass producers Tropixxx have re-released a re-mastered version of their cherry-cheeked, rump-roasting “caught smoking and punished” vid, which also features a healthy dose of the hairbrush plus a belt lickin’ — and mouth-soaping too! !  This is one of their best vids. . . .[BTW, another caught-smoking and punished vid is a bun-blazer from SpankThis, starring Christian Collins.]

Punished for smoking

tropixxx men spanking men

Enjoy this bun-blazin’ vid instantly at Tropixxx

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2 Responses to Smoking, Stinging and Sizzling: Remastered

  1. Jimbar says:

    I am not sure a whipping for smoking will stop some brats from smoking however it can serve as a learning experience and if one is smart he wouldn’t want to try it again But some might try a second time and not think they would get caught In my view if this would happen the punishment would need to be more severe and different than the first time In these cases it would be time for the Paddle or even the Razor Strap .The reason for this is pretty simple besides smoking being against the rules it also a situation where one is disobeying something he was told not to do .I take situations like this very serious and have little tolerance for it so someoneHide would need to be smoked and it would be a hiding definitely to remember

  2. mjldoc says:

    Cigarettes kill and nicotine has been shown to be as addictive as heroin! Intervention to stop this as early as early as possible is essential and can’t hurt! (Well COULD HURT!!)

    I think many folks have tried the approach on the Tropixxx video, unknown success rate. My evidence: all the cigarette butts I’ve ever seen have been THOROUGHLY SMOKED already!!

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