Rich vs. Tyler

men spanking menBrand new model at Reluctant Young Men!  And a hot Daddy-style update. YES! Check out the new spanking model, the edgy, twinky 22-year-old Tyler, who doesn’t stand a chance against Daddy Rich and his seasoned cherry-cheeked, tushy-tanning, bun-blazing skills, via scorching hand and sizzling hairbrush.  This is exactly what a bad boi needs.

men spanking men

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You know they deserve it. They know they need it.

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One Response to Rich vs. Tyler

  1. mjldoc says:

    Seems like everyone under thirty has at least one tattoo or piercing these days. Those wishing to move up in the world put them in hopefully hidden places, like Tyler. Butt luckily for us, no such body-art remains the same color (and may just disappear entirely!) during a good spanking and hairbrushing!!

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