Santa Knows About the Whole Naughty or Nice Thing

[Editorial Note: Being that I’m swamped with my day job, and it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d re-post a series of Santa-themed posts, previously published on this blog. Enjoy this classic TJ Wood article for starters!]

All red-ass imagery is courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

TJ Wood spanks twink

Written by Spanking4Men Senior Editor, Dept. of Hot Buns

In keeping with our frosty winter motif, where Jack Frost nips at your nose and various other extremeties, and a cute twink gets his bare buns toasty warm; let’s quietly peek into the parlour in the SpankThis archives as Santa does his thing in this 2008 holiday bun blazer. TJ Wood turns in another great performance as the Jolly rotund gentleman, and Jason Andrews does duty as the young man in need of some not so jolly spanking. Lucky Jason didn’t get Santa’s paddle this time!

Jason is staying up late, and looks shamefacedly at Santa to confess that he was a naughty boi, and Santa quickly extracts a confession from the twink that the lad really wants some posterior attention from Saint Nick.

Those cute pj’s have a handy drop down flap in the back, and Santa notes they are perfect for administering some well-earned licks.

It’s over Santa’s lap for Jason, and his little yips and moans of discomfort, and the growing redness of his ass cheeks, easily tell the tale……or should that be tell of a young man’s tail being soundly spanked.

TJ Wood spanking a naughty twink at Helix

In this seasonal SpankThis classic, Santa explores the territory, and just as a military officer plans his campaign, TJ Wood in his perfect Santa suit surveys the area and aims his hand just where Jason needs it most.

Speaking of TJ’s hand, it is large, fleshy, toughened, and just right for a spirited spanking of a young man. The red-suited gent soon has Jason stripped and upended into the famed diaper position, where the maximum spanking force can be properly concentrated on Jason’s cheeks and sit spot.

Jason resists, in spite of himself, and Santa quickly corrects the young man and advises him that the spanks will continue to fall like Christmas snow. Jason stands and shows off a very nicely endowed front end, and Santa quickly positions the boi in the wheelbarrow posture, with Jason supporting his weight on his two hands, leaving his ripe butt cheeks perfectly open to the spanks raining down upon them.

twink spanking at helix studios

As we listen to and view the rhythm of the spanks, we hear Jason begging for Santa to stop, but that message seems to have converted to “more please” by the time Santa hears it. More spanks abound and soon Santa allows Jason to change positions, but does not relieve him of the necessity of his chastisement.

Santa has Jason spreading his cheeks and showing off his cute twink hole and then up over Santa’s lap for some final touch up spanks. After all, a good spanking always leaves a boy’s butt nice and red. Santa concludes the spanking with a lesson in remembering all his reindeer’s names, and a spank for each of them. Rudolph’s red nose is up for some serious competition from Jason’s red rump.

Santa rewards our well-spanked twink with a cuddle and some affection, after his spanking ordeal is over. What a heartwarming and ass-warming way to celebrate this joyous holiday. Dash on over, via sleigh of course, to SpankThis, and search out “Santa Spanks Jason.” It will prove great fuel for your own spanking desires.

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