Dimitri Broken with Cane and Hairbrush

dimitri reluctantyoungmenIn the latest from Reluctant Young Men, Rich lights a fire on new model Dimitri’s ass with a scorching spanking that leaves his tight backside toasted — and is also interviewed as well! 🙂 BTW, if you dig more edgy and hardcore BDSM, do check out Rich’s other no holds barred S&M site Straight Men In Trouble.

(Also, in case you missed it, check out a a 2012 interview with Rich, the owner and chief ass-tanner at RYM.)

As the website explains: “Dimitri is a 28 year old student from the Ukraine, straight but he describes himself as gay 4 pay, he gives massages to gay men for money. During the interview he talks about being spanked by his father growing up, and recently by his girlfriend when he “did something bad.” As the spanking is about to begin, Dimitri admits that he is nervous as Rich orders him to strip, revealing a beautifully toned, lean body, and takes him OTK to start with his hand…..”

“…..And the young man shows his pain almost immediately, kicking, squirming and struggling, his big cock and balls swinging between Rich’s legs. But when he applies the brush, Dimitri really starts to yelp, whimper, and even beg, obviously learned behavior over his dad’s knee. Dimitri does even worse with the cane, his high pitched crying and begging fill the room as he dances and kicks. When he’s finished, poor Dimitri is in dazed, unable to speak, stuttering and stumbling as he tries to respond to Rich’s questions.”

reluctant young men spanked

Visit ReluctantYoungMen to watch Dimitri’s entire ass-blazing spanking — and interview!

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