Time for the Hairbrush

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All images courtesy of Tropixxx.

Men spanking men otk with the hairbrush at Tropixxx

My favest Tropixxx otk–hairbrush image, though the brush is blurry in this screen-shot, his cherry red ass is not 🙂

The producers at Tropixxx are no strangers to wielding the truly iconic hairbrush to blister a wayward, errant bad boy’s backside. Here are pix from three of their most sizzling hairbrush punishment scenes.

>>By the way, in case you missed it, check out the Q&A with the owner of Tropixxx, which you might find an interesting read regarding the challenge of finding spankable male models, how the site got started, and other red ass topics<<

Rob Ryder male porn star gets a spanking

Bent over the sink with a bar of soap in his fresh mouth, tight bodied adult film star Rob Ryder gets his taut tush tanned with the hairbrush on Tropixxx.


Uncle spanks a naughty guy

Told to fetch his Aunt’s brush, this brat climbs over his Uncle’s knee for a hot ass hairbrush tanning. . .Check out more photos here. Pic courtesy of Tropixxx.


men spanking men over the knee with the hairbrush

An all-time Tropixxx classic. Caught smoking by his Uncle, this young brat struggles and kicks but that hairbrush does its bun-blazing job. . .especially when his undies get yanked down. Check out this blog post for more photos from this video.


For more info on male spanking videos from Tropixxx, visit:


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One Response to Time for the Hairbrush

  1. Dad @ Briefspk@aol.com says:

    Once again…I must add that there is NOTHING better than a flat back wooden hairbrush to improve a boy’s behavior!
    It’s easy to use…saves my hand and produces the very best spank of any implement I’ve ever used.
    Have the exact brush of my Dad’s from 50 years ago…still does plenty of spanking here in NYC.
    Still produces the same tears as it did with me growing up!
    Anyone care to try it out? Let me know!

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