Naughty Nick vs. Jokari Paddle: NEW Update from Tropixxx

Who else but Nick would be getting his bubble-buns tanned glowing hot at Tropixxx once again….

The flat, thin yet very stingy Jokari paddle does its blazing business over Nick’s jeans, then vintage-style white undies, then bare bubble buns.  Check out a similar-looking paddle in this post.  [BTW, if you are wondering exactly who Nick is, read this Spanking4Men exclusive article.]

Of course, old-school style undies get tugged down…… the split-screen image shows you this naughty boyz’ facial reaction as the paddle splats his tight ass.  Personally, I think Nick needs a good, long and hot OTK hairbrush session.  Just sayin’ 🙂

Will Nick ever learn? We hope not.  To watch this film instantly, visit Tropixxx for lots more M-M bare ass spank action.

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