22 and Still Naughty: Bad Boi Dylan’s Bun Blazing

Check out this excellent bad boi hawt spankin’ update over at Reluctant Young Men — meet 22-year-old twink Dylan, who has a painful and memorable OTK trip over seasoned disciplinarian Scott’s lap….

M-M spankingAs the site explains it: “Scott¬†uses his massive hand on Dylan’s skinny butt, and the young man lets out a stream of obscenities as he whimpers, gasps and struggles on Scott’s lap.¬† Scott takes a cane to his ass and makes him shout “thank you sir” with each swat, then switches back to his hand, beating the poor bastard until he’s a breathless, hysterical mess.”

dylan spanked

Visit Reluctant Young Men for instant red-ass, undies down access. You know they Need it.


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One Response to 22 and Still Naughty: Bad Boi Dylan’s Bun Blazing

  1. Tawser says:

    Listen to this one with the volume down. If I had made this much of a fuss when I was a kid, my stepfather would have spanked me unconscious.

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