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rich spanks male ass

Veteran bun blazer Rich gets his spank on. . . . .

Interview by Chuck, S4Men Senior Writer

Rich, pictured above tanning some ass, is, by any measure of Internet activity, the owner and producer of one of the key M-M spanking video production sites. Very few spankos have never heard of Reluctant Young Men, and not many would admit that they have never seen a video or short clip of one that Rich has produced.

When a producer creates hot spanking videos, the word gets around very quickly…..And I had the pleasure of an interview with Rich recently.

Thanks for your time Rich. So let’s start at the usual question: How did you become interested in the spanking fetish, was this a lifelong attraction?

I’ve always had an interest in domination and control. Bondage, S&M, spanking, tickling and cum control were always a turn on for me. From the start these were the subjects of my sexual fantasy.

Older guys, authority figures in positions of control over young, strong guys, surrendering at the peak of their sexual and physical power to an older, authority figure. When I was younger I played as a bottom, but as I grew older I start playing more as a top.

When did you begin spanking guys for the purpose of shooting imagery of them? What was it like at first?

It was 10 years ago, June of 2002. I was working at a very stressful job and I wanted out. I was 49 years old and I started looking for something else to do, and I wanted to be self employed. Years before that, I’d been an active member of the Philadelphia Bondage Club, and people always told me I was a good top, so I just decided to use that and started to make videos.

At first I was just selling VHS tapes by mail, then started making DVD’s, and a few years ago we became a membership site. I started out alone in my own home with a few friends and acquaintances as models, and a fem dom friend of mine did the camera work. I wanted to use guys who weren’t into being spanked so that it looked more like discipline, not like they were enjoying it.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, I’d never built a web site or edited a video but I got some books and read up on it and learned how to do it myself. It all looked very amateurish but they sold. I used to put one guy on a tape and spank him for almost an hour, non stop.

Then I started putting three guys in shorter scenes. I would read what was being said in the groups at the time (Google and Yahoo) and almost drove myself crazy, some said I was too hard, some said I was too soft, some said I was too fat, and I tried to accommodate it all.

Eventually I just did it the way I like it, real guys getting real discipline style spankings for guys who think like me. Now I have three sites and a studio and two guys working for me. The videos and site still look amateur, but that’s the way I want it.

How do you advertise for potential spankees, what kind of ads, where and how do you position your offer?

We get most of our models from ads on Back Page, or as referrals from other models, and we have connections with two different guys in New York who run stripper agencies who get us models. We also respond to ads on Craig’s List from guys looking for sex. If they include a face shot in their ads we assume that they wouldn’t be shy about being on the internet and we approach them.

But most of the models come to do a hand job video for our Slow Teasing Hand Jobs site first. They respond to an ad for young guys to make male/male hand job videos. Then once they have worked with us and are comfortable with us we ask them if they have any interest in making a spanking video, and they are more likely to agree then.

We make them watch some videos or some of our promo clips and we are very honest with them. We tell them it is going to hurt, that it will be real, so they know what they’re getting into before they do it. But they see that we are professional and honest and they trust us.

Take me thru the steps of the process of engaging a guy to be a model.

That depends on how we find them. If they are responding to our ad and they don’t include a picture (clothed with a face shot) as requested, I eliminate them right off. There are a lot of guys who respond but really only want to be titillated by inside info and have no intention of going thru with it.

If they won’t send me a picture of their face with their clothes on they won’t get naked on the internet. If they do send a picture I respond with some info on what we are looking for and send them a link to the site and tell them to watch the promos. If they are still interested they can call me.

Then I ask a lot of background questions and I want to know why they are looking to make a video. The answer I am looking for is to make money. I tend to not use guys who say they have always wanted to be in a porn, or they think it would be exciting.

It almost never works out since they come with their own expectations about having a fantasy fulfilled, and that’s not what we’re trying to do here. If they are still interested I ask them to come in and meet us. It’s a little different with guys who are referred to us by someone else, because they already have the background, and I know more about them.

Recently you are using Scott as a spanker, someone relatively new on your site. How did you decide to use another spanker to share the the workload?

I knew Scott before I started making videos, and he’s into S&M himself, but he’s a top with girls. I originally asked him to make a spanking video with me, he was one of the first models. Then after he made a few more I had him do some camera work when my fem dom friend couldn’t do it.

He was working at a coffee shop at the time and I had another assistant named Jimmy. When Jimmy left I asked Scott if he wanted a job and he agreed. It has worked out very well because Scott is bisexual and into the fetish.

Usually we decide who will do the spanking based on the look of the model. If he is a young, slim guy who would be good for a daddy style spanking, I do it. If he’s big and muscular, Scott does it, more like an S&M scene than as a punishment. Sometimes if one of us really finds a model attractive we decide based on that.

Would you describe one of the best or favorite spankings you have produced?

All of the videos with Jimmy are my favorites, especially The Assistant. Jimmy was a friend of mine, he still is, and he worked for me. In fact I am close to his whole family, and they know about the videos but have never seen them.

They are not happy about it but it isn’t discussed. Jimmy is straight and just my type, and there was something totally erotic about having him strip down and submit to me. I’m really sorry we don’t do anymore of these. I miss them.

How about one of the worst?

I really can’t say that there were any where everything went wrong. I recently had a straight guy who came with his girl friend and said he was into being spanked. But when Scott started in on him he said it was too much and quit.

Rich, how do you respond to the fact that RYM is one of the original spanking production houses?

I’m honored, but I wasn’t aware of that and that’s not how I see myself. I think of someone like Daddy Howard as being that. I used to buy his tapes from a mail catalogue lone before the internet, and he was the first one to do real, amateur male/male spanking videos.

Before that they were mostly very phony. I have since had the pleasure of meeting him, he works with my friend George, and did a spanking video with him. We had a lot of fun with that.

And what of future Plans for Reluctant Young Men?

I’ve recently started having a friend of mine named Chic do some spanking videos. He’s also an older guy and I like the way he spanks guys — he’s hard and firm and always gets a good reaction from the model. I want to do more of that, and possibly find another guy or two so that we can offer a little variety.

Rich, it has been a pleasure watching your videos. Now after this interview and getting to know a little about you and your enterprise, I look forward even more to the weekly updates. Thanks for the spanks.

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