Smart Boy: New Erotic Fiction by Misha Horne & AJ Sisko

The unstoppable M-M spanking erotica author Misha Horne has collaborated with another sizzling writer AJ Sisko in what sounds like a pulse-poundingly hawt book, featuring red ass among other M-M naughtyness, by the name of “Smart Boy,” which is available on Amazon.

gay erotic fiction

Here’s a tasty summary:  “Damon Price is obnoxious, aggressive, and flat out gorgeous. There’s nothing Josh wants more than a first time with someone dark and dangerous like him. But Damon doesn’t know he exists.

“That changes when Josh makes him look stupid in front of their college English class. Suddenly, Damon knows exactly who he is– the smartest boy in school who needs to be taught some tough lessons. And inexperienced Josh is extremely eager to learn.

“The sizzling story of a gay college student’s first encounter with a more experienced man. Includes showering, spanking, bondage, humiliation, and unauthorized use of bunk beds and tube socks.”

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