Santa Spanks!

(Re-posting this seasonal red-ass write-up, originally posted I believe in 2012 or so).


Santa spanks naughty twink Tommy Anders at Helix Studios

Driving that sleigh and managing eight reindeer is enough to harden Santa’s palm and make it a supremely painful spanking implement. All photos courtesy of SpankThis.

Written by Chuck, Spanking4Men Senior Writer & Chief Assministrator

Back in 2008, Tommy Anders was a prime model for Helix, and their M-M spanking venue, SpankThis. Tommy has since moved on to other pursuits and we wish him well, but he left behind a great legacy of videos where his cute bottom was soundly chastised.

In this seasonal rump roasting classic, a traditionally-minded Santa, wonderfully portrayed by the veteran boi butt blazer TJ Wood, arrives at Tommy’s house to deliver presents, and finds our bad boy asleep near the tree. The roly-poly gentleman wakes this bad boi up, and scolds him for being a naughty lad during the preceding year.

TJ Wood plays Santa in a Helix Studios spanking classic

Tommy is his usual rude, bratty self, and this immediately gets Santa into full disciplinary mode, to try to teach this young lad some manners and respect for Santa Claus.

And Tommy even tries to fake Santa out by claiming to be of another religious persuasion which does not celebrate Christmas. However, the man in the red suit isn’t buying this at all, and quickly gets Tommy over his seasoned lap.

TJ Wood spanks Tommy Anders

The sassy boi teases him and says that Santa isn’t spanking hard enough. Well of course, this just eggs the gentleman on and he tussles with Tommy and wins, taking the rude boy completely over his lap in submission, as he rains down a flurry of hard hand spanks on the lad’s firm pajama-clad butt.

Shortly, the shorts are seen, and very soon thereafter, Tommy is denuded of his boxers and chastised soundly on that cute twink rump of his. It all seems like a joke, as Tommy grins and grimaces with the stinging, sizzling spanks, and finally he is totally nude and taking licks from Santa’s very large and toughened hand.

TJ Wood from Helix Studios

No doubt, driving that sleigh and managing eight reindeer is enough to harden Santa’s palm and make it a supremely painful spanking implement.

Tommy’s tush co-operates by quickly turning that old familiar shade of rosy rump red. The byplay between both actors is fantastic, and it is quite easy to immerse oneself in the blazing hawt scene, and forget that they are performing for the camera. Both TJ Wood and Tommy Anders are experienced pros, and it is a delight to watch a humorous yet stinging SpankThis spank session.

It was a real spanking, no fake swats, as Santa does indeed bring Tommy to some tears; as we see the lad wiping his eyes and promising to be a good boy from now on.

TJ Wood at Helix Studios

A great SpankThis video to watch as we begin to feel colder weather approach, heralding the eventual onset of winter.

When it’s cold outside, rosy red warm ass cheeks are a wonderful thing. And, who knows but that Santa might visit more naughty boys this year, and give them their comeuppance!

Check out the complete video at SpankThis.

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