One Reader’s Thoughts on the M-M Spanking Fetish

One Reader’s Thoughts on the M-M Spanking Fetish

Written by Anonymous

To put a finer point on what I like in viewing M-M corporal punishment, my pleasure is that of a “benign sadist.”

I enjoy watching a guy being punished with one or more implements, and seeing his butt transformed from white to deep red and striped with welts and marks which heal within several weeks for the more severe ones.

Most guys taking this level of discipline are into it – either to test their own endurance against how much they can handle, or they are enjoying the waves of pain that become pleasurable as the strokes are applied.

I don’t enjoy and do not wish to see a guy cruelly abused. Safewords, safe signals and even a third party present (safety Top) to independently determine if a particular submissive has had his fill or can endure more.

Personally, over the long term, I have found that most guys who want to try being spanked like the burn and sting that turns into a warmth that courses throughout their buttocks, thighs, and their upper body.

There is a bonding that does occur between males when a Dominant disciplines a submissive – and neither one has to worry about titles or naming their roles. I’ve been on weekend retreats to help young guys work out various issues, and you would be amazed at how naturally one or more participants suggest that they might need to submit to the discipline of someone in authority.

It is a natural response that I have observed many times. Most guys are too inhibited or fearful of being teased and bullied about their preference to be spanked, so they suppress that desire.

Equally so, many young guys have an internalized need to submit sexually and they often preface that with physical submission to corporal punishment. Helping out such men, from time to time, is one of my enjoyable sidelines to mentoring and counseling.

Just a few thoughts and observations.

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