Man’s Hand Films are Playing Now at Helix Studio’s Spank This!


Two no-nonsense Dad’s catch their boyz drinking whiskey behind the barn. And they get punished with LONG spankings over pants, tighty-whities, then hot bare asses. Damn right they deserve it. These Man Hand Films are playing now at Helix Studios (SpankThis).

FYI SpankThis is now offering a few older Man’s Hand Films for your viewing pleasure, the most notable being, in my opinion, the “Mad Dads” film, if you dig a duo of angry, old-fashioned Dads and two naughty boyz. And who doesn’t? File under: Family values and red hot tails. ^_^

mad dads spanking

Aged this photo, to make it look more “realistic.”

SpankThis is also available via top-of-the-line twink porn producers Helix Studios. At this writing, I’m seeing 3 MHF vids and let’s hope more will be added soon! [You can get access to these spanking vids via Helix OR SpankThis — each site gives you access to the other site.]

helix spank

For more info, surf on over to SpankThis.  Or point your browser to Helix Studios.


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