Re-Blogged: The Ping Pong Paddle

(Originally published in 2012.  I’m periodically re-blogging some of my fave posts.)

Photo courtesy of SpankThis.

So I was thinking the other day about the ping pong paddle, you see, and pondering its use in toasting the buns of wayward bad boys…

spanking a bad boy with ping pong paddle at Helix Studios

You’ve never seen this intriguing image before — as it’s a video screen-grab I just made. This amazing, eye-catching photo is from an older, but classic, SpankThis bun-blazing video, that is a MUST-SEE. There are so many awesome vids at SpankThis, both new and old — it will take you days/weeks to go thru the massive archives and all the scorching, hot red tails. . . .


And my question for you, dear readers, is what are your thoughts on the ping pong paddle as an instrument of effective discipline?

Personally, I find this questionable implement has a bark that is significantly worse than its actual bite. However the loud “swat” sound can be fun for that auditory effect, but its simply nowhere near as effective as, say, the hairbrush.

Be that as it may, embarrassingly spread out, exposed and spanked OTK like the misbehaving bad boy Sean in these classic pics–no matter what he is getting his ass spanked with, its going to be hottttttt.

As always, your comments and feedback are much appreciated! Thank you!

gay twink spanking at Helix Studios

For more info on Helix Studios’ SpankThis, click on the hot ass below:

twink spanking at Helix Studios

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