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Review written by Steve, Spanking4Men Contributing Writer

When the egos of two very hot bad boyz collide, something good has to happen – good for us spanko viewers anyway. As seen in the latest bun-blazing update from Helix Studios’ SpankThis, the plot is simple and very true-to-life. The story line is that both models share a house and have to compete for shower and mirror time to look their best.

Kyler is one very hot guy and he is enjoying a little solo wank time in the bathroom. Christian needs to shower and clean up in time to leave for an appointment. Both guys are experienced before the camera and know the necessity of looking their best.

When Christian knocks on the bathroom door, and gets no answer, he knocks harder and calls out to Kyler to hurry it up. With no answer again, he decides to open the door. He pushes his way into the bathroom and finds Kyler in a steamy little self-pleasuring session.

The lads argue a bit about whose shower time it is, and Kyler – always the tease and smart aleck – taunts his housemate, and Christian takes up the challenge. He swiftly turns Kyler around to face the mirror and bend over the counter, and begins to squeeze and play with Kylers ample bubblebutt.

Christian, in a previous interview that I conducted with him after he had spanked Jasper Robinson, admitted that he would love to spank more of his fellow models. Looks like the SpankThis producers have made his wish come true.

Kyler loves the attention that Christian is paying to his ass cheeks, and spank by spank Christian dominates a willing Kyler.

The verbal interaction between the two clearly shows they are good friends, who share similar interests (spanking, other boys, sex, starring in videos, the usual stuff); and Kyler eggs Christian on by teasing him both with physical moves (sticking his butt out for the spanks) and verbally taunting his spanker.

Christian is no slouch, and as he proved when spanking Jasper, he can lay some stinging licks on another guy’s caboose. Perhaps we are seeing the emergence of a new spanking Top.

Who knows, but we definitely will stay tuned for further developments. Meanwhile back in the bathroom, Kyler’s ass cheeks are rosy red, and some hand and finger marks are visible. Even though he is light-skinned and shows the spanking easily, there is no doubt that Mr. Ash is taking a stinging lesson in timely use of the household facilities, from Mr. Collins.

helix twink spankingChristian spanks, rubs, kneads, squeezes and plays with every sexy inch of Kyler’s bountiful booty and even lands a few spanks on the ever-sensitive spankspot – butt and thigh meeting place.

And Kyler takes it well, and even challenges Christian, asking him “Is that all you got?” Well, anyone knows that when a boy speaks those words, he is enjoying himself, and Kylers moans and grunts of pleasure are mirrored in his eyes – he is not being punished but is being warmed up for something.

Finally, having reddened and disciplined those cute boi-buns, Christian ducks into the shower inviting Kyle to continue jerking off. Kyle starts to manipulate his generously endowed junk, and then decides at the last moment to crowd into the shower with Christian, in what seems to be the start of a two-fer shower and horny boy session.

Kyler’s very hot bunz are sizzling red and you will not want to miss this arousing spank scene between two very popular models. Perv your internet browser over now to SpankThis. You won’t be sorry!

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