Top 5 Favest M-M Spanky Themes

(Enjoy this exclusive guest column by top-notch M/M spanking fiction/erotica writer Misha Horne.  Visit her site for book info, free excerpts and more bun-blazing goodness.)

So, I’ve been writing M/M spanking fiction for a few years now— not to mention reading it, watching copious amounts of porn, and spending approximately half my life reblogging Tumblr photos. In that time, it’s become pretty obvious there are certain themes I’m always drawn to— in my writing and my extracurricular activities. Today, I thought I’d share some of the M/M spanking themes I find myself coming back to again and again. (And again.)

Misha’s Top 5 Favorite M/M Spanking Themes

1. Authority Figures. Yeah, this one’s pretty obvious, I know. (That’s why it’s first!) But just because it’s popular enough to be a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not awesome! A coach, a teacher, an older brother, a cop— anyone in a position of authority who decides to teach a lesson the old fashioned, over-the-knee way. Extra nice if there are uniforms involved, because who the hell doesn’t love uniforms?

2. Musicians. Maybe this one’s just me, it’s not a theme I see much, but what can I say? There’s something about a musician. Especially guitar players. Huge hands. Strong arms. Long, callused fingers. Persistent, patient, creative— all excellent qualities for delivering a good, long spanking. Not to mention they’re usually a little moody, a little dominating, a little impatient with obsessed fans who decide to sneak backstage… well, I don’t want to give away the whole plot! 😉 But, let’s just say musicians are making my list right now.

3. First Times. So, this might sound dull at first, but hear me out. A kink like spanking is so damn personal. Some of us go our whole lives without ever mentioning it to anyone. We’re afraid we’ll get laughed at. That no one will get it. That it won’t live up to expectations. A million other things. So, a guy who’s been aching for a spanking his entire life finally getting it? The anticipation, the shock, the fucking magnitude of losing that spanking virginity? Ooh, boy. Intensely emotional and brutally hot.

4. Jocks! I know, I know, if you know me at all, you knew this one was coming. But honestly, athletes are kind of asking for it, what with the tight pants and the jock straps and all, am I right? As much as I adore skinny guys, there’s something insanely hot about a strong, muscular jock giving up control and submitting to a well deserved spanking from a coach… or a teammate… or both. 😉

5. Spoiled Brats. I binge on all the brats I can get my hands on, and it’s never enough. A smart mouth and a bad attitude does it for me every time. I guess that would make this my favorite theme of all. After all, who needs a spanking more than an egotistical, entitled brat? You know the type. Does what he likes, breaks all the rules, doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Until he crosses paths with someone who’s not going to put up with his shit anymore and gives him the spanking he most definitely needs. Mmmm… brats.

Well, that’s five! I actually mix and match these a lot when I write, which leads to some fun and sometimes unexpected combinations. The thing I love about all of these themes is not only do they make for some absurdly hot scenarios, they also encourage so much exploration of the characters. Wants, needs, emotions, desires, internal struggles, interesting backstory— those are all things that make a good spanking even better for me, and I always work to fit a bit of each into even the shortest, smuttiest things I write. 😉

For more info and fiction excerpts, visit Misha Horne’s website.

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