Periodic re-posts of our favorite articles/blog posts. This one is from 2012.

blazed buns award

After much consideration, demanding deliberation and deep thought, I’d like to thusly award the prestigious and highly coveted “Spanking4Men Blazed Buns Award” for the best SpankThis photo shoot of 2012 to this sizzling, pulse-pounding and explicitly erotic photo set. Congrats!

This shoot featured the highly spankable Mikah and seasoned tushy-tanner Jeff Sterne.

This hella’ hawt film also features some anal spanking and other XXX action, for those so inclined. Jeff started by hauling this naughty twink over his lap for a denim jeans warm-up; then tugged those down to warm up Mikah’s fashionable Armani undies, but they did not stay on very long. . . .not very long at all . . . .Check out Helix Studios’ Spankthis to watch the entire film, and tons more twink spanking vids. . . .

mikah twink spanking

mikah twink spank 2

spankthis twink mikah 3

All imagery courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

hot spankthis banner5

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