Two Mad Dads: Awesome Double Ass Toasting from SpankThis/Mans Hand

mad dads

retro-vintage-guy-oldeNever seen a spanking video like this before. So I took a closer, frame-by-frame ass analysis of “Two Mad Dads,” an older but still very hot, domestic, Dad-spanking Man’s Hand vid now playing at SpankThis.

And it’s def worth a look.  Not too much verbal action, really wish there was more scolding and the like; however, there is tons of staccato tail toasting as two bad boyz get simultaneous hard spankings from their Dads, over the knee — and finally belt lickin’s bent over the couch.

I’m digging the outdoor porch scene and the second scene, taking place in what looks like Dad’s den.  Realism is great and the older Dads and the younger bad boys make for a very “real” looking film !

mad dad final

What more bad boyz need, crave and deserve. What more Dads should do…..Light up those backsides, good and proper. Watch this film instantly at SpankThis.

“Vintage-ified” some of these screen-shots from SpankThis, for a more realistic style………looks damn realistic two me, as two Fathers teach their sons a lesson they both will NOT soon forget.   T-shirt and socks and sizzling bottoms.  The way discipline is supposed to be.  Asses glowing, stinging hot.

mad dad 6


mad dads 2

mad dads 3

When their Dad’s snap their belt out of their loops, these boys know they are in for an old-fashioned strappin’. . . . .

mad dads 4

Clad in only t-shirt and socks, these bad boyz and mad Dads makes for a very realistic spanking film.

mad dads 5

For more info and to watch this video and tons more Instantly, get your ass over to SpankThis!



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