Over Dad’s Laptop: Bun-Blazing Classic from Man’s Hand Films Playing NOW at SpankThis!

mans hand gay spanking

Classic new hawtness!!!!  A blazing hot, bun-toasting no-nonsense Daddy-spanking film, “Over My Laptop,” is playing now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis, originally produced by Man’s Hand.

For those who dig lengthy Dad-style discipline for a bad twinky boi who can’t stop rubbing his cock to porn, it’s a must see from ST.  Dad has some firm “parenting” to do and those Calvin Klein tight white undies get a seriously longgggg spanking–surprised they didn’t just burn tight off that tight perky little ass! Wait until they get peeled down.

Also the film is shot with different camera angles, which is awesome. ^_^

gay spanking collage

As SpankThis describes the film: “Ryan has decided to take the day off from school. He has spent the afternoon in an all male video chat room and paired up with a very horny Travis. Before Ryan can get off, his dad interrupts the scene and demands to know why Ryan isn’t in class.

“There’s no doubt Ryan will remember where he’s supposed to be after the fatherly hand spanking he takes on the seat of his tight white cotton briefs.

bare ass gay spanking“When the undies come down Ryan’s very red backside is revealed but there’s no relief, just more stern hard spanking.

“Dad leaves Ryan to collect himself and Ryan soon discovers Travis is still on line with a surprise. The spanking is so hot it results in two ball churning climaxes.”

For instant access, surf over ASAP to Helix Studios’ Spankthis, for the very best in bad boi twink spanking, with a massive archive of hawt spank action.


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