What Are The Top 10 SpankThis Videos?

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Written by Anonymous, a special Spanking4Men contributor (EDITORIAL NOTE: this article was originally posted in 2012, re-blogged for your viewing/reading pleasure). ^_^

I was asked to compile a list of my personal Top Ten fav spank vids at Helix Studios’ SpankThis. And I will say that I have followed this studio since they opened up for biz over ten years ago. The boys were hawt then and are even hawter now! TJ Wood and Jeff Sterne migrated with the studio to San Diego, CA, and the spanking goes on in an even better-equipped studio facility.

Please note that this list is NOT a dismissal nor a negative rating of the other lads and videos, I often check out the other productions on the SpankThis.com website, and derive good entertainment……this is just a compilation of my favs based on my own personal preferences.

Some vids appeal to me because of the physical characteristics of the model – i.e. a cute bubblebutt that needs a hard spanking. Other videos may be in the list because the whole deal is just ‘right’ – the spanker is motivated and the scenario realistic and the model responds in an appropriate way. Still others, a few of them, simply stand out because the model was really a spanko who was thoroughly enjoying himself.

SO, here are my current Top Ten favs in no particular order:

One of the harder paddling scenes at SpankThis. His ass is raw and scorched after TJ Wood is done with those tight buns.

Wood and ClassPrincipal T J Wood spanks a whole detention room class of twink boys. 5 hot-looking boys, totally nude in a room with a Principal who spanks hard and what would you expect…..a spankfest!

Helix hasn’t often done a group spanking video, since models have their own timelines relating to work and school, but when the model coordinators can get a bunch of cute boys together, along with TJ Wood (a master spanker in his own right), then the result is very enjoyable and rewarding to view.

The boys are posed in submissive postures, showing off red and spanked butts and the rest of their charms as well. After a thorough round of spanks with both hand and paddle, Principal Wood dismisses the boys except for one bad lad who is taken over the Principal’s knee for a very thorough continued paddling. Love those red cheeks!

* * *

Jeff Sterne spanks twink Wade at Helix Studios

Bad boi Wade learns a hot lesson.

Jeff spanks Wade – this boy really takes some hard strap licks at the end of his punishment; no way to hide how much it hurts, and Jeff lays the leather on without pulling back. Wade is a repentant young man as the scene ends.

Wade is another Helix model who does both sex and spank videos. He is in demand and one can surely see why, just getting a pleasurable eyeful of this trim body and good looks. It is both interesting and very professional of Jeff to know the limits and endurance capabilities of the models, and deliver the appropriate spanking to each in turn.

* * *

Jacoby’s in Trouble – Jacoby London is another well-liked twink model at Helix, who added a spank video to his portfolio of great sex scenes. This is one of the first spank scenes without the usual presence of either Jeff Sterne or TJ Wood.

Michael Lee does the spank duty and he fulfills the role very well, as the pissed off friend who is late for an airline flight, due to Jacobey’s slack attitude toward being on time. Lee pounds his hand across Jacobey’s shorts, as the spanked lad asks him several times if they can resolve the issue some other way. Michael Lee’s response is to strip the shorts down and continue spanking on the lad’s undershorts, tightly wrapped around two firm cheeks.

A ping-pong paddle is employed to further punish Jacobey, and he is given a wedgie to permit more spanks on his bare rump mounds. He takes it reasonably well, but lets Michael and the viewing audience know that he is hurting. The shorts come down shortly, and the spanks rain down even harder as Michael delivers the punishment with a slapper.

The combination of the available lighting and of Jacobey’s skin colour don’t create a very red-looking butt, however it is plain to see that he feels every lick! Jacobey is placed in various positions during his spanking, even in the most vulnerable of postures – on his back with legs held way up, what they call the “diaper position.” The scene closes with a tearful promise from Jacobey that his lateness will never happen again.

* * *

Chase Young spanked by Jeff Sterne

‘dat ass!!!! Chase Young’s jock doesn’t offer much protection….

Bubble Butt Boy’s Ass Punished (Chase Young) – Chase is another very much in demand model with Helix. His major asset, for our purposes, is his ass!

Chase has that special type of very full and round butt, with a posture and arched back that really show it off well. Jeff Sterne is the spanker who takes Chase to task for his slutty behaviour and lying.

Chase starts off wearing jeans for the spanking but is soon divested of those to show his ample posterior clad in a jockstrap. Gotta say that I personally LOVE a boy being spanked in a jock, and I often deal with my own spankees that way. Jockstraps frame the butt perfectly, and Chase Young is no exception there.

Sterne uses his hand, a paddle and a crop to impose punishment, and Chase takes it while being bent over a hassock. On the way to his punishment position, Chase shows us a very hot body, nicely trim without being too skinny.

The boy feels the spanking, despite being able to take it – he moans and yelps as the sting builds. Sterne indulges in one of his fav areas of spanking – the crop across the boy’s tender crack and hole. Chase’s rosy red buns bounce up and down so nicely as he endures his licks; and we see a very short shot of those delightfully rippling butt cakes as he stands up and leaves the room after his spanking has concluded.

Did I mention I was a jock and buttcheek lover??!!

* * *

Paddle time for Jack Diamond…..

Noir Commands Diamond – Noir is the French word for the colour Black. It describes the severity shown by this spanker, as he takes Jack Diamond over his lap to administer sound punishment to the thieving boy.

This scene is all about a young lad stealing money and paying the consequences via Sir Noir’s hard hand, and leather and wooden paddles. As the lad’s jeans and shorts come down, it is clear to see that Sir Noir has spared no effort to strongly chastise this young and sassy criminal.

Lots of red blotches and welts criss-cross Jack’s young butt cheeks. As Noir continues to spank the boy, he takes his jeans and shorts right off and the lad is punished bare with both holed paddles and Noir’s hand. Jack is reduced almost to tears as he sniffs and promises to behave.

* * *

drake angel at helix studios

Drake is an angel…

Drake Angel Spanked – This one is different, as Drake takes a spanking and then some hard pounding sex, in the same video. Truly, both activities do go together….but for the purposes of my choice, it is the spanking that made me include this video in my Top 10.

Drake is a cute Hispanic lad who can take a good hard flurry of spank swats. It seems that Drake broke Seth’s computer and is now being made to pay the consequences of that action. Both boys show their natural combativeness, one twink to another, but Drake finally submits to Seth and takes up the classic over the lap position.

The jeans are spanked, then they come down to reveal a cute tartan design on Drakes shorts. More spanks are given, and Drake shows that he is starting to feel the burn. After a while, the shorts are lowered to expose a wonderfully trim pair of brown cheeks, with red areas from the spanking.

It is pretty clear that Seth is both angry enough to spank hard, but is also turned on by his roommate’s ass. A leather strap is also used to whip Drake’s tight hiney, and he does complain several times that “it hurts so much”, and “I am very sorry, can’t take it any more”. It is at this point that the spanking ends and the twink on twink action begins.

* * *

tommy anders male porn star

Paul and Tommy Anders – Tommy Anders is a major twink porn star, mostly due to his work for Helix. He has done over a dozen well-received twink sex videos, and a bunch of spanking ones too. Interestingly, he is a total Top in bed, but a bottom when being spanked.

Tommy is that delightful combination of boybrat, and reluctant teen who submits to discipline. The spanker in this video is Paul Pratt, one of Helix’s mid-20’s models who is an accomplished porn star himself and gives very hard spankings too.

Tommy is cast as the brat who used the car without permission and had an accident, and since Paul was in charge and responsible, he confronts Tommy in the garage and lectures him as well as delivering a sound ass whipping! The action is so realistic that it is easy to forget that these boys are models, acting out a role play.

Tommy gets hard hand spanks from the very muscular Paul, starting on his jeans, then on his spandex briefs and finally on his cute bare tush. His facial expressions and exclamations of pain are realistic and very believable too. No doubt from the condition of Tommy’s ass, that Paul really laid on the spanks hard. Both guys really worked up a sweat in this one.

* * *

Kyle (Palmer) gets it over the bed – Kyle Palmer had barely turned 18 when he hooked up with SpankThis. This very appealing young lad had never been spanked before, not even by his parents. He took several good spankings on camera and appeared on one of their first live events, way back when.

This was his first spanking from Jeff Sterne, and Kyle really is a boy in a young adult body. He’s nicely built and has some muscular development, along with a pair of very spankable booty mounds. Sterne loses no time in putting a hard paddle to work on this lad, after a thorough warmup by hand on his boxer shorts.

The boy really takes it quite well considering that this is his first time, holding his composure in check until about halfway into the spanking. His grunts, soft whimpers and jerks are clear indication that the pain is sinking in – the way a good spanking should.

It seems as though the director gave Kyle several breaks in the action to allow him to deal with his first ever spanking, and toward the end of the video we see a very well-spanked teenager responding just as he really would, if this were a real punishment for bad behaviour. Although a very strict and hard spanker, Sterne does show comfort and compassion as he rubs the boy’s back and soothes him. Definitely a keeper!

* * *

twink justyn summers spanked at helix studios

Justyn Summers gets spanked – Justyn is the quintessential twink model – cute and trim, who did a few spank videos and other more intimate stuff for Helix. This one is the first of two spanking productions for Justyn and was sort of an audition for further work: and as usual, Jeff Sterne brings up the rear – Justyn’s rear that is!

The young Mr. Summers squirms and groans, but it is clear that he is a trooper and likes the feel of hot swats across that cute ass of his. Jeff employs a nice rhythm to the hand spanks he gives, and Justyn actually asks him several times to go harder! Jeff obliges with a paddle and turns the boy’s ass rosy red. As Jeff rubs the paddle over Justyn’s cheeks, the lad declares “That feels interesting. A born spanko indeed!

* * *

Baby Boy interviewed and spanked – When SpankThis began producing M-M spanking videos, they occasionally introduced a new model by interviewing him a bit to allow the audience to see the lad before the spanking scene.

Baby Boy is a handsome hunk, nicely put together and seems to like being put over a man’s knee for discipline. Although he hadn’t been spanked for about 7 years (by a parent when he was a kid), he takes this spanking nicely. Those tightie-whities look perfect, pulled down just below those spanked cheeks. Look for a very young Jeff Sterne doing his spanking duty.

All images courtesy of Helix Studios’ SpankThis.


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